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A 3 vs 3 WTF Moba!

A topic by Cactus GS created Jun 26, 2017 Views: 186 Replies: 2
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Hello everyone!

My name's Ayoub,I'm morrocan(Sorry my English :p) ,and it has been a while that I  have a project in mind,and I need a team for making it come true :D

-The Project:

Name of the Game: VOXLeague

Genre : Strategic action Moba.

Platform:On Windows.

Reference Games : Brawl Stars,Block 'n' Load,etc...

GFX Style:Cartoonish


Two teams of 3 players each fight on small maps,and with a precise goal for each gamemode,wich are still 2 for now: 

AnnihilationEvery team has a Base at one side of the map,and this side contains the BLOK of the team.The goal of each team is to destroy the enemy BLOK,while defending their.

Domination:  The middle of the map is a zone wich rewards the team that controls it with points.The objective is to reach a defined number of points before the enemy team.

In order to achieve this,multiple heroes will be available.

- Our Team:


-2 Unity/C# Devs.

-1 Sound/Music designer.

Searching For:

-1 or 2 3d modellers,wich will make the 3d models of the heroes.

-1 Concept Artist/Illustrator for 2d illustrations

-1 Game Designer,for helping us finishing the game

Your age don't interest me,unless you are mature and you know what you are doing.

Well written answers are welcome :D

If you're looking for voice actors for your game I would be happy to help. My email is for my demo and resume. 

Hello still looking for a designer on the team? Contact: