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[Suggestion] Lower CPU use while not visible/occluded

A topic by tovare created Dec 14, 2020 Views: 100 Replies: 2
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It would be a great feature if MasterPlan could idle when not visible. I

I got MasterPlan back in January. I have used the most recent version in the past few days v0.6.0 (version 3 on the download page). I run it fullscreen on a 2018 Macbook Pro, but it is not visible most of the time as I work with apps on other workspaces. I have configured MasterPlan to 30 fps, but it continuously consumes 10-27% CPU.

( I think there are events for occlusion in the Cocoa framework


Tov Are


This is an interesting idea, and something that has been suggested before; I'll see about implementing it at some point when possible.

Thank you for the suggestion!

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I'm late to replying, but I implemented this as of the current version (v0.6.1-3) - you can set MasterPlan to a low framerate when not focused (i.e. when the app is hidden or you're doing things with other applications), thereby resolving this. Thanks for the suggestion!