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A horror game, but with full lights on! · By IEP_Esy

Will there be a mobile version?

A topic by DayQuil23 created Dec 14, 2020 Views: 252 Replies: 11
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I've never seen a mobile version and it would be nice to play on the go


Since people are usually not comfortable with headphones on mobile devices, I might add a new game mode where you don’t need sound to play.

I will make an android version with that game mode (and current game mode as an option) so that you can experience backroom’s lightful horror on the go :)

so how far are you done with it?


I’m also adding some other stuff to the game so it’s not just an android build, I won’t spoil what those are tho :>

I can’t promise a specific time, but it should be ready by two weeks (if nothing bad happens to it)

i have a galaxy s10 so it should probably not cause not much to any lag on it

so ik the webgl version wont fully work with my  phone, as in controls, and it also zooms in, but there  is never any lag


Android builds are very faster than WebGL, it’ll probably run fine.


here is a test 




I'll do a video on this


Can’t wait to see it! :)