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[Music] [Sound Designer] Sound designer and composer looking for a project to work on!

A topic by dinastrious created Jun 24, 2017 Views: 159
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Hello! I'm Mikhail and I'm a composer and sound designer for games and movies. I love games very much and want to make them sound great. 

If you are looking for passionate audio guy that's me. Why you should hire me?

-I love games and my work. I's obvious but very important

-I want to write emotionally unique music and sounds 

-I always looking for new technics to make my workflow more professional

My portfolio:

I took gameplay of Broken Age turned off all sounds and and leave only voices. Then I made new sounds and put them into the game.

The next thing is Unity asset whith all my sounds and music

And my Soundcloud portfolio. You can download some music from there.

Do you need help?

If you need advice about audio in your project or audio in general please contact me too! I will help you with advice and all my expirience


discord dinastrious#2384