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ADACA: FAQ Sticky Locked

A topic by Siris Pendrake created Dec 06, 2020 Views: 283
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: "What does 'ADACA' mean?" 

A: Its the name of the planet the game is set on.

Q:  "Is/when will Adaca be available on Steam?"

A: Adaca will be available on Steam on the release of the first retail/payed early-access version. I'll make an announcement when that happens!

Q: "Will Ep1 always be free / How much will Adaca cost?"

A: Adaca will feature an episodic release:

Ep1 will always be free on and GameJolt.

Episodes 2 and onward will all be included for any purchase of the full retail or payed early access version of the game (once released). Ep1 will also be included in the payed versions of course.

 A final price of the full version has not yet been decided, however I am thinking of doing a progressive pricing model, where in the launch price will be relatively low, with each episode released incrementally increasing the retail price. This will effectively mean the game will always be priced in relation to its value at the time. You will only need to pay once to have access to all future episodes!

Q: "Will I get a Steam key when the game is released if I donate now?"

A: Any one who donates the game's launch price or higher on or GameJolt may contact me via the platform on witch the donation was made, using the same account, to request one key for any available platform of their choice after the game is released.

Q: "I found a bug! Where do I go to report it?"

A: Any bugs or glitches may be reported in either the Bug Report channel of my discord [ ] or the Bug Report Topic on the game's community page. [ ]

Q: "How many episodes will Adaca have? What's the plan for the story?"

A: At this time it is uncertain how long the game will ultimately be, however I intend on having quite a few episodes out within the coming years.  In order to avoid leaving players on unresolved cliff-hangers, I plan to make sure each episode has a self-contained story arch that is meaningfully resolved by the episode's end. Future episodes may expand on concepts from previous ones, however I want to avoid leaving major loose threads not concluded for years, if ever.  I know I've been left hanging on quite a few otherwise captivating stories and worlds in games before; I don't want to make those same mistakes... 

Q: "What's the best way to stay up-to-date on Adaca?"

A: You can follow my:




And I plan on doing more videos on YouTube in the future:

If you have any other questions about Adaca or my other games and assets, please feel free to ask on discord or in the comments on any of my media sites!