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Infinite Stars - The Visual Novel

Inspired by stories like Dune, Star Trek and The Expanse. · By InfiniteStars

What a fantastic read!

A topic by TipsyTiffany created 90 days ago Views: 35 Replies: 1
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I don't usually do visual novels, but a friend recommended your game to me.

I had a blast with the game and I'm actually considering becoming a patron just to know what happens next! I rarely interact with developers like this, but as an amateur writer I know how much positive feedback means! So,  great job!

I enjoyed the game!

Ahw! Thank you! If all goes well, the second episode will be free to play around Christmas this year! I also noticed you just signed up to beta test the episode for us, so thank you for that!

And thank your friend for us! I firmly believe in word of mouth!