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Our Apartment

A game about a girl in your apartment... · By Momoiro Software, Sacb0y, MiNT

Post your outfits! Sticky

A topic by Momoiro Software created 64 days ago Views: 1,574 Replies: 22
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Developer (4 edits) (+2)

Hello everyone, so I can better understand how people use the outfit system I would love to see any combinations you've made! 

Feel free to mention anything you'd like for your outfits as well!

Tip: to easily take screenshots on windows use

⊞ Win + shift + s

Then you can take the whole screen or just part of it.


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I feel like an outfit that would be really cool (and hopefully not too complicated to implement since they've go no depth?) would be these "stuck-on"-style outfits that use shiny tape. 





r/BlackTapeProject - Maeylin Lin

r/BlackTapeProject - Anastasia Bond

r/BlackTapeProject - Eden Rambo

r/BlackTapeProject - Sara Natividad

Aimee Spiers


Sara Jean Underwood

Ceci Ariadne


Ah yes i've been meaning to do something kind of like this for some time, but for now there's only the rougher more random "gold flakes" item. First time seeing these images though, i've been long looking for more versions of this :O 

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Yeah, I noticed that and was thinking you'd be interested in this too!

Best thing to search for would be "body tape", "metallic body tape", or "gold body tape" probably. The only "dedicated" source to this I know if is the guy who made it popular. You may find one-offs on random pages, but The Black Tape Project is dedicated to this type of fashion. Here are a couple of pages to check out:

Black Tape Project Instagram (tons of good photos):

Shop for the tape (to check out the different colors):

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Nice the new nuwa items! :D

I plan to work with more artists to get their characters and OC's on shirts! XD


So far this is my favourite little combo, The werewolf stuff is just too cute.


ah nice! Yeah the werewolf is a favorite of mine too. I do want to add less realistic options as well.


I guess you could say I like nets. 

Any idea if saving custom outfits will be in the next update?

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Hahah nice :D

And yes that is coming, I think it's functional but i need to check. 

How do you get full photos like this? Whenever I put it in 360 mode it just zooms in too much.


Mouse wheel should let you zoom out, or two finger zoom on mobile. You can also reset the camera with the button on the top right.

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Ooooh the pink gradient skirt with pink socks is a good idea!


Bunny ears, Shimpan panties, and tanlines (bikini or one-piece swimsuit) would be awesome!  


Ah yeah, I do need to do those (shimapan) as panties lol,  i'll look into bunny ears and tanlines. 


Those ribbons on tied panties are coming through the skirt. Also i liked how shadows are so good in this game. 


Ah nice combination, collar and all :D

hopefully i fix that lamp in the background soon :/

Also I saw your other post but i think it was deleted? That was great too!


Hahaha great posts!