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Dollar Dungeons 1 and 2 available for play and purchase.

A topic by Kroyer Designed Games created Dec 09, 2015 Views: 418
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Greetings players of!

While it has been on itch for sometime now, I would like to introduce you to my first game series for the public to play: "Dollar Dungeon".

The basic idea of these games is simple: Imagine the kind of games you might find as new CD-ROM games in the Dollar Store. Small, simple, easy to play, and only costs $1!

Sometimes, they may not even be dungeons, but another genre, like murder-mystery, or economy simulator!

All of these games are brought to you by Kroyer Designed Games, a newcomer to the games industry, but one who hopes to make a positive name for itself.

Try and buy the "Dollar Dungeon" series Here on today!

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