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Type Dreams

"To save time is to lengthen life." · By ʜυʜ

Chorded keys, bots, macros....?

A topic by ʜυʜ created Nov 21, 2020 Views: 193 Replies: 1
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It has been suggested we establish a policy forbidding “chorded” or “Plover-style” typists on Race Day but… I kind of want to see it, first. There are plenty of yootoob clips of 200wpm+ speeds but I haven’t seen it function in Type Dreams. I don’t doubt that it’s possible! I doubt that it’s likely.

I regard bots and scripts the same way. Clearly the in-game AIs can produce high-frequency keystrokes (I’ll never win in Toronto), but there’s a lot more that goes into creating a bot which can win races, as a player, against other players. To do this, it’d have to either….

• read the screen and derive only the input text, then discern keystrokes from that text, then issue them as keyboard input commands within a frequency range which doesn’t fracture the interface but is fast enough to win

//==// OR \==\

• contain all the text in Type Dreams, readily accessible to its operator whenever a book is decided. I’ve tried this with a range of keyboard macro software and it can work. …until the given text is new material, on which this approach is useless.

I send my sincere warmest wishes to anybody experimenting with a bot for this. Please reach out or reply here if I can help somehow. All players are welcome in these and all other ways to bring whatever cheap tricks, shortcuts, buffs, etc to the math club server where you can show off and we’ll make a decision. Unless you want to wait til race day, in which case… no promises.


I use Plover as my keyboard layout full time. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about it.

For competition, I'd point out that Intersteno allows typists, stenographers, and voice writers (Dragon) to compete in certain events together, and also separately.

As long as there's a way to self-identify as a stenographer, seems like it would be reasonable to split leaderboards to still allow individuals to race amongst each other.

And yes, there are fewer stenos out there. I just posted the game to the Plover Discord. Excited to try it soon!