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Star and Light 1.0

Star and light 1.0 : The Red sacrifice is a puzzle flash game from Africa · By K.hermann

Star and light 1.5 glimpse video Sticky

A topic by K.hermann created Nov 16, 2020 Views: 152 Replies: 4
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Little video without sound to show the difference between 1.0 version and the remake i'd like to create if possible

As someone who really loved the first one, I think it looks amazing.  I hope you kept up at it!


Hello ! wow ! thanks for saying that, where did you played the star and light 1.0 ?

Hey!  I played it here, through!  You actually replied to an email I sent last year with an offer to help me through a difficult part, but I did manage to get through it after some time. :)


Hello ! Nice @evanhiley glad to hear that ! dont hesitate to post some videos on youtube if you can, cant wait to see your progress !