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Indie Project Planning Ideaboard · By SolarLune

Some feedback

A topic by jmiskovic created 67 days ago Views: 107 Replies: 1
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Hi, came across this tool today. Here’s my feedback to author.

  • The infinite canvas is very nice to have.
  • Support for multiple boards and fast switching between them is awesome.
  • I like a lot how tasks combine in a list or a tree, based just on their relative position.
  • Timers are great for workflow organization, great idea that I didn’t see anywhere else.
  • Whiteboard is great for those ideas that are hard to describe. Really simple to use.
  • Overall, I like restrictions and simplicity of tools and grid placement. Good for OCD.

Now for downsides and suggestions.

  • The UI is non-standard, so tab and other focusing shortcuts won’t work.
  • The workflow needs re-thinking. Right now everything is added as a task and then changed (only by mouse) into other elements.
  • Too many interactions require dialogs, for example completing one task in ‘progression’ requires going into property dialog and incrementing a number.
  • Late tasks are nervously animated and too distracting. I cannot keep the tool open all the time because of this.
  • The font is not changeable, there are more readable fonts out there (like open sans).
  • Why is zoom blurry when using vector fonts?
  • I’d like to be able to zoom out more and zoom in less.
  • Unicode support is lacking.
  • Maybe use a special color value for grid dots, so I can make them almost transparent in themes.

That’s all I have for now. Thanks @SolarLune for creating this.

I agree with this, I also think that along with changing the font you should be able to make the font bigger/smaller. It's almost impossible to read any of the text for me without zooming in as much as I can, and I'm sure it's even worse for those with low vision.