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Use color images in your Bitsy game. · By janosc

re-uploading file with the same name

A topic by visibleworld created Nov 11, 2020 Views: 162 Replies: 1
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first off, thanks so much for building & maintaining this tool! i've used it for every Bitsy game i've made and it's been an absolute lifesaver.

i sometimes encounter the following issue: i upload an image to RGBitsy, see that something's a bit off, go back and fix the image, and then try to re-upload the image. it seems like RGBitsy doesn't pick up the change since the filename is the same. it's a tiny issue, but i'd appreciate being able to re-upload!


Hmm yes that must be annoying sorry about that. I'll try to look at that next week when I have time.