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proud of you billy <3

(charming and moving, doing so much with very little ... a classic joey game!!)

so cute and so relaxing !! i loved all the details, especially the little splash when you stir the tea (and i think your teacup moves around a bit too?). they make the game feel full of life.

also legendary tbh that i must use my bare hand to transport the boiling water into my teacup. that's true commitment to teamaking.

JAY SOM <3 thank u so much :~)


SO GOOD. brought a tear to my eye

woah i can't believe i haven't commented before, but this was one of the first bitsies i ever played & it's still perhaps my favorite. it's just like ... a masterpiece of simplicity & good writing. it hits in such a specific way for me.

thanks for making this art sean :)

wow this was wonderful :')

ahhh thank *you* for the kind words! <3

hahah thank you !!

thanks ben :~)

oh man. oh man!!! this is gorgeous! lovely color and composition in every scene, and i loved those lil comic-esque memory interludes. i really enjoyed playing this


this is gorgeous

the mech room blew my mind!! it looks so cool. great art + colors

really really lovely. the art & colors are great, and the animation on the player sprite is ! thanks for sharing your art & story <3

wow this was really affecting. the shift in POV was a great touch & the end got me emotional. well done!

really well done! i love the way you use color to convey feeling

first off, thanks so much for building & maintaining this tool! i've used it for every Bitsy game i've made and it's been an absolute lifesaver.

i sometimes encounter the following issue: i upload an image to RGBitsy, see that something's a bit off, go back and fix the image, and then try to re-upload the image. it seems like RGBitsy doesn't pick up the change since the filename is the same. it's a tiny issue, but i'd appreciate being able to re-upload!

dang candle u went in on the visuals on this one

this is what The Metamorphosis should've been

lovely :') & now i'm hungry!

so cute :') & wonderful music

hooooly crap this is beautiful & such an inventive way to use bitsy.......i am inspired

this is so wonderful & i LOVE the music *-*


ahhhh short n sweet bitsies are my favorite. loved it!

loved this so much

wow. gorgeous, poetic

i can't come up with a comment that does justice to how i felt when i played this. it took me a minute or so to realize what was going on, and when i did, it felt like i was experiencing something i had never experienced before. like seeing a new color or something.

i'm simply in awe. thank you for making this.

dino this is so cute i loved it <3

this is so lovely & creative! really good art too!

i logged into itch just to like this comment

thank you!! :’)

thanks!! glad you enjoyed

thank you!! 💕

ty ty!!


thank you!!