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acorn & clover is a lovely little game. i ended up drawing on top of an old page in my sketchbook where i had made a background for some other drawing that i never got around to finishing, and it worked pretty well! it kinda looks like it's raining.

i particularly liked your method for tree-drawing, i think it produces some fun and whimsical shapes. reminds me a bit of shel silverstein / the giving tree.

i wish i'd succeeded in conjuring a fairy but my spells didn't quite work ... maybe i'll get to meet them next time.

really truly wonderful <3 i had a lot of fun exploring this big and whimsical world! at one point i think i spent a good five minutes jamming with worm bird. i wish creatures irl also sang and moved to the same universal beat (maybe they do). thanks for making this!

heheh. truesque i'm coming for you...

lovely song choice

proud of you billy <3

(charming and moving, doing so much with very little ... a classic joey game!!)

so cute and so relaxing !! i loved all the details, especially the little splash when you stir the tea (and i think your teacup moves around a bit too?). they make the game feel full of life.

also legendary tbh that i must use my bare hand to transport the boiling water into my teacup. that's true commitment to teamaking.

JAY SOM <3 thank u so much :~)


SO GOOD. brought a tear to my eye

woah i can't believe i haven't commented before, but this was one of the first bitsies i ever played & it's still perhaps my favorite. it's just like ... a masterpiece of simplicity & good writing. it hits in such a specific way for me.

thanks for making this art sean :)

wow this was wonderful :')

ahhh thank *you* for the kind words! <3

hahah thank you !!

thanks ben :~)

oh man. oh man!!! this is gorgeous! lovely color and composition in every scene, and i loved those lil comic-esque memory interludes. i really enjoyed playing this


this is gorgeous

the mech room blew my mind!! it looks so cool. great art + colors

really really lovely. the art & colors are great, and the animation on the player sprite is ! thanks for sharing your art & story <3

wow this was really affecting. the shift in POV was a great touch & the end got me emotional. well done!

really well done! i love the way you use color to convey feeling

first off, thanks so much for building & maintaining this tool! i've used it for every Bitsy game i've made and it's been an absolute lifesaver.

i sometimes encounter the following issue: i upload an image to RGBitsy, see that something's a bit off, go back and fix the image, and then try to re-upload the image. it seems like RGBitsy doesn't pick up the change since the filename is the same. it's a tiny issue, but i'd appreciate being able to re-upload!

dang candle u went in on the visuals on this one

this is what The Metamorphosis should've been

lovely :') & now i'm hungry!

so cute :') & wonderful music

hooooly crap this is beautiful & such an inventive way to use bitsy.......i am inspired

this is so wonderful & i LOVE the music *-*


ahhhh short n sweet bitsies are my favorite. loved it!

loved this so much

wow. gorgeous, poetic

i can't come up with a comment that does justice to how i felt when i played this. it took me a minute or so to realize what was going on, and when i did, it felt like i was experiencing something i had never experienced before. like seeing a new color or something.

i'm simply in awe. thank you for making this.

dino this is so cute i loved it <3

this is so lovely & creative! really good art too!

thank you!! :’)

thanks!! glad you enjoyed