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Fantasy AGE / Dragon Age RPG dice rolls

A topic by butterdroid created Nov 08, 2020 Views: 204 Replies: 2
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Hello again!

I'm playing a DA campaign, and I'd love to make it be able to highlight if any 2 dice rolled had the same value. I don't think it's possible right now. But it might be a neat feature in the future.

In general it'd be cool if we'd be able to apply effects/changes off certain values (total over X, etc)



Hi Carlos,

I am not familiar with the fantasy age dice system but from what you have said, I think the easiest thing for now would be something like:

roll=5d6, roll#{1}, roll#{2}, roll#{3}, roll#{4}, roll#{5}, roll#{6}

Which is certainly not ideal, and probably not at all reasonable if you are rolling dice with a lot of faces. I probably could make a new roll conditions which disregard dice if there are not matching values of in the pool, or counts the number of dice which have matches, or... tbh there are a lot of variations on it and most of them will be really complicated to implement. So I’m going to hold off and just make a note to look up the fantasy age dice system and re-evaluate which conditions I could add in future.

As for your second example of adding based on total over a value, that can be done now, for example:

roll=5d6, roll + roll#{>3}

I hope this is useful (and sorry for the delayed reply!)

No worries, thanks for the reply!