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Artist Needed!

A topic by Tibba Games created Dec 07, 2015 Views: 635 Replies: 3
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Hello, I'm a game developer and a programmer, as such, I'm having a really hard time drawing and animating anything. I managed to earn a few dollars ( not much .. not event $100 :( ) with my last game Buccaneer's Quest published here in So if anyone wants to help for a small amount of money (with some very simple spritesheets) please reply.


PD: I'm also willing to exchange some programmer's work for this spritesheet if anyone need this!

Hi what is it you want animating?

Hi, thank for replying, what I want to animate is my new game's main character in a 32x32 (max) sprite, and a few enemies just for 10 minutes run of the game in an upcoming local game event. The game is top-down (dungeon?) crawler, and in all the spritesheets that I found on the internet (to use as an example) the movements look too short (like 2 sprites for walking). Even that I try to do something like that with my character it look quite bad!, and that is why I need help.

Hello there I just found this site and I suppose I'll take up some requests. If no one has taken you up on this offer, please reply with some images of your game and the sprites you have so far so I can get a sense of what I should make.
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