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Hime Enemy Reinforcements Script

A topic by Stabalot created Dec 06, 2015 Views: 637
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Hello all my name is Stabalot, I am a new streamer on twitch and also an avid gamer and noob game maker. I started making a game using RPG Maker VX Ace a little over a month ago. At first I was happy with the game design engine with the exception of the default battle engine for RPGMVXA. I soon noticed it was repetitive and bland so I looked for scripts that could spice it up a bit. What I found was an amazing script called Enemy Reinforcements by Hime that allows me to call in as many enemies as I want so that I may have my epic battles.

In RPGMVXA a troop is a collection of up to 8 enemies that is called when the battle processing event is activated. So the limit on the default battle is 8 troops but with Enemy Reinforcements you can call in infinite amount of troops or stagger the troops to reinforce the remaining enemies. It all depends on the flow of battle that you prefer.

The script works by adding a line of code to the Tools>Database>Troops event section of the game making engine. There are 4 script calls that you can use with the troops to do a variety of things. The first is add_enemy(troop_id,index), this allows you to call a specific enemy from a specific troop. The next one is add_troop(troop_id) which allows you to call an entire troop into battle. Next is remove_troop(troop_id) which allows you to remove certain troops based on conditions you have set. Lastly is troop_exists?(troop_id) which returns true if specified troop is alive and on the battlefield.

A lot of this may seem foreign to readers but to me Enemy Reinforcements adds a new dimension to RPG Maker games because it allows the calling of many troops that I readily use in my game called Champions vs Zombies (CVZ for short).

In my game, CVZ, you start as an apprentice necromancer who communes with the dead to find out how their bodies died. Your master gets possessed in the process and you must side with the evil spirit that possessed him or against it. If you side with the evil spirit you get an army of zombies and have to fight armies of people as you destroy each kingdom. The final epic battle consists of your army of 50 zombies vs an army of 150 people. This battle is epic is size and scope and will go down in history as the greatest battle in RPG Maker history thanks to Hime and his script Enemy Reinforcements. I will post a link to the script and also a link to my twitch channel. Hope to see some of you soon.

Take care,
Enemy Reinforcement Script:
Video tutorial of Script: