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Ideas to add

A topic by ChrisDaDerp created Oct 24, 2020 Views: 1,347 Replies: 6
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  • More playable characters (Chowder, Truffles, Schnitzel, Panini, etc.)
  • More voice lines
  • An options menu
  • More levels with Chowder-related missions/events

I found this game by searching "Mung Daal Impression" on YouTube and saw the trailer for this game was posted a few days ago. I have very high hopes for this game and want to see it succeed. Great job so far, dev!


me too

This game seems more like a joke than anything so, an update would be unexpected


i would love if they added more shotguns and blunt or sharp melee weapons.

Would love the music to repeat as you play, since it cuts off mid playthrough. I also assume more will happen after Gazpacho is found, I suggest fighting your way to evac to Chowder and Schnitzel on their helicopter, maybe fighting your way back to where you started. Really fun game and hope to see more :)

What are the requirements?

bruh this game a joke u bein serius