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thanks for clarifying. so I would expect it's like classic fnaf then. got it. thank you.

is it only one sans and a gold sans, or 4 sanses like in fnaf plus a gold sans? I need to know before I download.

I love meme games like this lol

very cool. now I can play this instead of attempting to pirate it! thanks!

I love that it looks exactly in the style of wolfenstien3D and early doom games! good job!i love it! 10/10

I shit my pants the first time I played this. Good job with the tension! what I hate is  that I cant beat it. but still 9.5/10 would play again.


I love the game yet the only thing I dislike is that it's so short. keep up the good work anyway!

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I love this adorable little game. I can't wait for the full release!! as soon as I see it out on steam im gonna buy it, even if it's glitch ridden and bug infested, I will get it. I love your work. it's art. keep doing what you do best. it's great. :) 10/10, life filled and cute. the pixel art reminds me of undertale, what a sweet game. but it also is sort of like sonic the hedgehog. keep up the great work! have a good day! 


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this game is great anyway, I might port this onto my arcade cabinet that glitched out. thank you for helping me fix it pal! the only problem is that it wont run on laptop. it'sa how I  test things. I sold my C64  3 years ago. :/

shut up normie

not really, but usually most games have a "quit game" button on the menu if they are demos for big games like this. if it's a beginning dev's game, then generally they have no exit game button and the windows button is needed for escape.

I cant wait to get my hands on the steam release. I recommend adding a menu area that says 'save game' so you can save where you last where and the items, and story progress, that way I don't start back at the house with no progress when I start up the game again fresh from files on my laptop/pc. thanks.

hey on my laptop when it's not windowed, esc won't get me out, it just brings up the menu. I just press the windows button to exit temporarily. it's just stupidly confusing. I got latest version btw. just a bug report. other than that, even on my ancient thinkpad laptop I own, it runs smooth and fast. I love the 16 bit style. love it! keep up the good work! :)

I still want jumping enabled in certain levels. it feels clunky without jumping tbh

why the fuck cant I jump?!

there was a bug with me not being able to close doors though I was full power.

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the robot looks like a fusion of EV-A and WALL-E. adorable! I wish he didn't have to die so mkany times. very cool game!

oh I forgot about paid assets. still, very cool game! I had some  problems with lighting, and some objects bi needed to find would look like they were in a void, idk it might just be my laptop. just saying a bug. Great game, good story, and good luck in future game making! cheers.

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the Model looks like the simple robot avatar from roblox, idk why, it just does, yours looks different tho. more polygons and differences. looks very good. I cant tell if you stole it or if roblox stole your model. if  this was made before they added the simple robot avatar they most likely stole ya model dood. :/