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『Menacing Pyro』

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absolutely love it. sadly I dont have enough money to back the kickstarter (is why I play mostly free games) but I still love everything, the animation, the references to videos on your channel, the artstyle, the aessthetic.. its absolutely mindblowing and I wish I knew how to make games, but I only know how to draw characters. you're my favorite animation youtuber because of how weird and neat your animations are and i hope your dream of making video games becomes reality. :)

good showcase. basic, but its just for show, so pretty good. most showcases are barebones anyway

nice vid bro. if you dont like toilets. I'd suggest NOT playing deathflush. good indie game with lots of stupid bathroom based humor, but good for toilet haters.

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I cant wait to fight myself. Menacing Pyro, The Lorde of Fire Kritz, and the most powerful Pyromancer of all the land!

I cant wait to play this i want to so damn badly-

you update the game by downloadingt the new version and deleting the old on

woah calm down. game development takes time. it's an art, not an instantaneous thing.

i like milk too

i cant wait to play this game hell yeah

could you add more guns? like maybe a juice glock? or a juice flamethrower thats sets enemies on fire?  thanks for the update. i love it its hilarious lol

cool. its a great game

dani finally released a demo

yo its menacing pyro, ya boi. and this game is fun as heck. as soon as i saw the retro Nintendo DS and DSi style graphics, fun gameplay, and cool characters along with the POWER OF DRIFTING i was fucking SOLD on this game. sure on laptop the controls are funky but fun nonetheless.  awesome game, i love it. this game is a nostalgia trip. i still have a working Nintendo DS, I should use it more tbh. keep up the great work.

i would love if they added more shotguns and blunt or sharp melee weapons.

this game is such a good as heck game. very wacky, funny, and it is a fun game. sometimes my framerate flops but its because i use a laptop instead of a computer. still overall a fun game experience. if you added co-op that would be nice but its better as a single player experience. i stumbled across this on a tumblr shitpost actually and im glad i did. very fun game, i wish i had the money to support you but im in college and im borderline broke at the moment. keep developing please. 

im from california. hope you are doing good over in japan. i subbed to your youtube channel. keep up the great work.

this is what has inspired me to create my own UNDERTALE AU. this was so wholesome and the reason why I love undertale and it's great community.  


i shit myself 12 times while playing this. great game. love the a t m o s p h e r e . this brings me back to 2012 peak creepypasta horror like FNAF, SLENDER, and stuff like that. this game is one of the best horror games i have played in 3 years, thank you.

gotta extract that .ZIP file first bro.

D U N K    t i m e

no virus bro. dani is a trustable dev. this is great game bro.

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this game gave me slight spooky dreams for a while after playing this for first time last week but a very good game over all. SP00K/SP00K would download again.  :)

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w h y   n o t ?

I downloaded it and still would 20 years from now

we need this but with memes throughout 2011-present day memes lmao

I saw this back in 2016. now I have found it.. my holy grail of 2014 MLG memes. it's beautiful... no... it's PERFECT. please add more.

the game is funny and it does have a spooky atmosphere. I had to reboot it a few times due to the 2 last coins not loading. fun game none the less! keep it up bro

thanks for clarifying. so I would expect it's like classic fnaf then. got it. thank you.

is it only one sans and a gold sans, or 4 sanses like in fnaf plus a gold sans? I need to know before I download.

I love meme games like this lol

very cool. now I can play this instead of attempting to pirate it! thanks!

I love that it looks exactly in the style of wolfenstien3D and early doom games! good job!i love it! 10/10

I shit my pants the first time I played this. Good job with the tension! what I hate is  that I cant beat it. but still 9.5/10 would play again.


I love the game yet the only thing I dislike is that it's so short. keep up the good work anyway!

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I love this adorable little game. I can't wait for the full release!! as soon as I see it out on steam im gonna buy it, even if it's glitch ridden and bug infested, I will get it. I love your work. it's art. keep doing what you do best. it's great. :) 10/10, life filled and cute. the pixel art reminds me of undertale, what a sweet game. but it also is sort of like sonic the hedgehog. keep up the great work! have a good day! 


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this game is great anyway, I might port this onto my arcade cabinet that glitched out. thank you for helping me fix it pal! the only problem is that it wont run on laptop. it'sa how I  test things. I sold my C64  3 years ago. :/

shut up normie

not really, but usually most games have a "quit game" button on the menu if they are demos for big games like this. if it's a beginning dev's game, then generally they have no exit game button and the windows button is needed for escape.

I cant wait to get my hands on the steam release. I recommend adding a menu area that says 'save game' so you can save where you last where and the items, and story progress, that way I don't start back at the house with no progress when I start up the game again fresh from files on my laptop/pc. thanks.

hey on my laptop when it's not windowed, esc won't get me out, it just brings up the menu. I just press the windows button to exit temporarily. it's just stupidly confusing. I got latest version btw. just a bug report. other than that, even on my ancient thinkpad laptop I own, it runs smooth and fast. I love the 16 bit style. love it! keep up the good work! :)