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Indie Project Planning Ideaboard · By SolarLune

some stuff

A topic by Eigengrauu created Oct 12, 2020 Views: 60 Replies: 1
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These are ideas i came up with while playing around with the app. I know you must be bombarded by suggestions, some of these probably have been mentioned before on other topics. hopefully some of these may be useful

first day of using masterplan and i’m loving it so far! this could eventually become my main workflow. thanks Solar


Yo, thanks for trying out MasterPlan - I'm glad to hear that you're loving it so far. These are some interesting suggestions!

I'm wondering about using tab (and presumably shift+tab) to indent or outdent; that sounds useful, but you can also move Tasks in any direction currently using Control+Arrow keys. Do you think you'd use tab enough to justify it as an alternative to control+right?

Modal functionality sounds interesting, but I want to avoid shortcuts that are too complicated (shortcut chords). You're not the first person to suggest adding hotkeys for specific Task Types, though, so this might still be a good idea.

GUI Scaling is something everybody keeps asking for, and I want to implement; it just takes some time to implement because I didn't make MP with GUI scaling in mind, so I have to go back to rewrite some things to make it work. It's definitely on the chopping block, though; same for customized keyboard shortcuts.

I'm interested in what you mean by "separator block" - like a Note Task, but resizeable?