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Forager - More of a post-mortem...

A topic by thomasmichaelwallace created Oct 11, 2020 Views: 73
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Well- this was fun!

More of a sharing finished than sharing progress:

This is my first game jam longer than a week, which gave me a chance to do something bigger, while also underestimating how much more work doing something bigger would be 馃檪

After a handful of prototypes I landed on Forager - by Austin Breed. Turning it into an exploring- platformer- thing.

It was a fun learning experience- first time with terrains, making a game this size, the new unity input system, etc. But it did mean that I only had time to implement three mushroom abilities, and had to make a quick pivot to just hiding ten smaller mushrooms around the place.

Hopefully it鈥檚 still fun for other people to play, and it doesn鈥檛 shame the original cartridge image creator too much.

Here鈥檚 hoping my execution is a bit tighter next year.