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[Art] Looking for 3D modeller to create vehicle art - Rev Share

A topic by Egr Game Studio created Dec 03, 2015 Views: 341
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I'm Toadie from EGR Game Studio. I have released a mobile game that has a moderate community behind it. It's had 4000 installs in 2 months, 40,000 people talking about it on FB and a Twitter following is in the works.

The game is a dirt racing game, stock cars, short track stuff. It was built as a hobby and as a way to give something back to the Autograss community... but now I'm ready to expand on the concept and build a bigger, better sequel..

So, I'm creating EGR GT 2. It's got damage, full customisation, enhanced physics and a bunch more content. Updated menus, social aspects etc etc... With all the work, I no longer have the time to do all of my own modelling.. so this is why I'm reaching out.

The main brief will be to create various stock car style chassis's, I will give full descriptions and class types as we work.. but your part in this is to work under an agile approach. Meaning we will work in "sprints" but with flexibility. You should be skilled in producing models with low tris and verts.

Rev share is because right now, my current game makes me no money. I can't pretend it does. I've learnt alot and the game on release, will have IAP and minimal interstitial ads. I expect the game to make money, but nothing is ever guaranteed. If anything.. you'll have a pretty decent portfolio by the end of it, or we could end up with the next Real Racing.. but on Dirt!

Get in touch and we can discuss the finer details.. thanks for reading:



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