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[Voice Acting] [Unity 3D] Looking For Voice Actors!

A topic by Vanderley5974X created Oct 08, 2020 Views: 307 Replies: 6
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Hi! I'm currently looking for a voice actor who would be willing to help out a free project! A crossover between two games! Gregory Horror Show and Dark Deception!
I'm specifically looking for someone who can sound like death from the game "Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector"


Please let me know if you'd love to help out! You can contact me through my discord server!

still currently looking for voices! Get in contact with me if you wanna help =)


Hi, I'm a voice actor, I have experience even here at, my voice is deep and I think you might be interested. Dunno why I can't get access to the Discord server, if you want my help just text me on Discord, Kuri Videos#4398


sure thing ^^ i'll add ya right now

I don't necessarily have experience as a voice actor but if you're looking for a "weird" accent to throw in there I'm from New Zealand. I'm also more than willing to put in some research so I can improve on the job

Hi ^^ could ya join the discord so I can tell you more about the project ?

Hi hi! Are you still looking for voice actors?  I'm looking for some experience at the moment, I'm on Discord at ObviouslyMichael#4348 if that's a better place to get in touch. I've got previous experience as a live performer ( though I'm moving to online projects  (there's a recent thing I did with James Ashby at that Facebook link if you want a listen in on my voice when it's just talking generally. 

I've got a Blue Snowball for recording voice, and can provide a range of regional UK accents. Most recently I've used variously Good Natured Farmer, Stammering Posh Guy, Growling Monster, and Valiant Arrogant Knight for a friend's project. I don't have access to the recordings, but would be happy to supply a demo if helpful.

Errrrrm, think that's it. Other than that being British,  I can obviously also do Evil-Guy-You-Want-To-Hate-Immediately, too. 

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