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The One-of-Everything Bundle

A bundle hosted by Matthew R.F. Balousek
Buy everything for $95.52!
Offer ends in

The whole enchilada! Buying this will get you the PDFs of all of my zines, and I will also send you a physical copy of each in the mail. This includes:

  • Poem #0, from Anthology XXXX (a 100-page book)
  • A Hive of Mechanical Wasps: #1 post meridiem, #2: or, the whale, #3: exchange of letters, #4: gold chocobo
  • Opening the Horse (Vol. 0, 1, & 2), Noons, Squad Force Heroes, On The Internet, Nobody.
  • Odysseys
  • Rocks, Papers, Scissors
  • Some Small Games
  • Standoff
  • Doskvol Interstitials

Altogether, that's fifteen zines and one book. Normally priced at $0.40/gram ($239 altogether), it comes at a discount of 60%. Shipping is included.

After purchasing, fill out this form and I'll send your Print copies.

Note also that backing me on Patreon at any level will get you access to my entire back-catalog in PDF form, and backing at Pen Pal level will get you a copy of each new zine I release as I release them.

Includes the following items:

A game about telling ridiculous stories together.
A game about stylish heroism, inspired by Power Rangers and Sailor Moon.
Two games about death on the frontier.
An approach to queer game design.
A queer alternative history of videogames.
A collection of 140,196,990,311,361 poems.
Play in browser
Twenty-three games of all sorts and sundries.