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Pammu Goes to Big Bad Con 2019 Unsale!

A sale hosted by Pammu
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Hey, everyone! Through the love and support of friends and family, I managed to get a plane ticket and a fully paid badge for the Big Bad Convention in San Francisco this October. The organizers have also given me a scholarship fund, which is the main reason why I've been able to commit to going to this event. However, I still need funds to subsidize a lot of the remaining travel costs, and ensure that I have money for my own upkeep during the trip. I have been selling my games and pushing my Patreon around, but I've decided to go on this platform as well given the urgency at hand.

Two of the things I will be doing while I am at BBC 2019 is participating in a panel discussion that is all about discussing #RPGSEA (a casual collective of creators and community managers from all around Southeast Asia), and also carrying tabletop roleplaying games and merchandise from indie Philippine game designers. In this sense, I'll be representing people from my end of the pond, and showing the world what we're capable of doing as designers!

Beyond making sure that I can give some love back to the people who have supported me enough to even get to this event in the first place - particularly my parents, who are currently shouldering the bulk of the costs of this trip - giving me funds will enable me to have money on hand for my upkeep, personal funds for the convention itself, and cash on hand for any emergency expenses.

Please consider buying my games at these unsale prices, active this month! Also consider helping me through:

BBC 2019 takes place between October 10-13. I'll be in San Fran by October 9, and will be flying out on October 14. I'll need as much support as any of you can give me before the end of September!

Includes the following items:

A trpg about helping passengers get to where they gotta go.
A Trashy Game About Trashy Writers Writing Trashy Romance
A map-making game about queer love and its trials
A game of love and intimacy for monsters in a dive at night