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Virtual Turtle - Games For A Better World Bundle

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With Virtual Turtle my aim is to work on a better world, whilst doing what I love: MAKING GAMES!

My games are free for everyone to play, but by buying this bundle you will:

  • Support WWF, a charity that's doing great work to protect the nature and wildlife in this world. 70% of sales will be donated to WWF.
  • Get acces to all Source Code & Files, for you to play with, or learn from!

Why am I doing this?

I'm a poor student who's really passionate about making games, and who loves nature. With our changing world it's hard to not worry about our environment, nature and wildlife. This is why I feel that I need to use my skills as a game developer for something that I believe in. WWF is the perfect charity to donate to, as they share the same vision for the world, and because they know that action needs to be taken before it's too late! I would be forever grateful if you could use the money that you would normally spend on a coffee, to do some good in the world, and receive 6 fun, wacky, or experimental games, with their source code and files!

Thank you!

- Steven

Includes the following items:

A bumpercar battle royale arena!
A relaxing space experience
Heisting is easy, getting away after: that's the hard part!
An atmospheric exploration game without graphics
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Puzzle game about launching cute creatures!
Trippy fast paced reaction game
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