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Aleks' Birth-Month Sale / Bundle

A sale hosted by Aleks Samoylov
All items 33% off! or buy everything for $14.99! Regularly $26.91 Save 44%!
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This sale ended 2019-05-01 04:00:00.

It's my birth-month, and I would like to purchase nice things to distract myself from the inevitability of the rapidly approaching apocalypse. You can buy the nice things that I made for yourself at a discounted price (33% off individually, plus an additional 3 dollars off if you get the full bundle) and then I can use the currency thus generated to avail myself similarly of frivolous pleasures (and pay some hosting costs and buy food). A perfect circle.

Includes the following items:

a tabletop game about trying to escape from superficially pleasant but sinister villages
a universal, percentile based, tabletop roleplaying game
a decidedly un-heroic pen-and-paper dungeon crawl
How can you just sit there and eat pizza!?
A Game of Misguided Heroics and Heroic Misadventures
A Storytelling (Pen-and-Paper) Exploration Game for Exactly One Player
A Game Of Metamorphosis and Synchronicity
A Storytelling Game Of Cloaks, Daggers, And Unspeakable Powers
A solitary game about building The Machine Of Your Dreams
A game about setting goals, doing one's best, and living with an inexorable curse.