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Mid Winter Sale

A sale hosted by matthornb
All items 12% off! or buy everything for $2.60! Regularly $3.90 Save 33%!
This sale ended 2019-02-10 05:00:00.

It's the middle of winter, the coldest stretch of the year (at least for the Northern Hemisphere anyway) and I'm celebrating a fresh update to my stock media - a new $1.15 pack called 'snow and sand' with some cacti and desert plants, dust & sand blowing in wind video effects, snow covered trees, dead trees, evergreens, and some additional falling snow stock video clips.

The new collection launches during this sale, and during the sale all previous three packs of stock media content I offer here on Itch.IO are 12% off, and the bundle of everything combined is 33% off, so I hope you'll enjoy that!

Includes the following items:

Stock media - 1000+ seamless texture maps, decals, 100+ video elements
Stock textures and footage, a bonus batch for just $1.15.
Realistic 3d plants, in .FBX and .OBJ, over 25 items!