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can't wait to see what's done with it :D! so glad we all got introduced to this fun game :]


I think the web version is broken :[ using enter doesn't work!

I wish you could automate the feeding if not the brushing as well + click on other animals as you walk past you when you're zoomed in on one animal. Otherwise great game I really liked it :]!

Loved this! The scene in the laundry room really freaked me out (not after doing the stuff, before) im trying too hard to not give spoilers aaa

weirdly, even though I thought I didn't fix it since it was still a problem when opening it elsewhere, the problem is now fixed.

I'm trying to upload an html "game" which has an embedded link to another html file. how can I make it so it will properly work? Yes both files are uploaded and I first had the second file invisible but now it is not i guess. I'm novice at html and have basically been using html and css for 4 years but very terribly (editting tumblr themes).

very nice.Very, VERY nice n

SO excited to play this once I get some time to do so. Looks amazing <3

Thank you Maz I always love your games <3 <3

why are people evil to him? please.. tell me

Oh sweet! I don't have to wait a day for it to shuffle anymore!

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the inputs are way delayed from the product (in the web version at least)

beautiful little game. really hellish to play.

This is a real cool game. Nice work, David!

(11.12.19 if you can't tell)

Not sure about the game play yet (hasnt even finished downloading) but I absolutely adore Peppino's John K.-esque emotes.

If I recall, the world straight up just stopped working and only the avatar was on screen.

cool! I broke the game! I've been having a bad streak so perhaps its on me rather than the game.

Hey Juno. When I first played this I wasn't logged in but I just wanna say I love you. This game speaks to me a lot.

nice sound effects but I think I'm too stupid for this one. Wasted a good 15 minutes on the second stage.


Very nice game with interesting mechanics

Very cute! I like where you're going and I have 2 notes :D! You should make it so the user can go back to the main menu once they've selected quick play (if there is one, I couldn't find it) + for the tutorial/instructions you should have little illustrations! P.S.: I'll donate to you one day I promise

this is cute and funny and I feel like i'm the perfect audience for this shit. 10/10

can't wait to see this game when you put all the stuff back in and fix it up :D!

I know this was made for a game jam and won't be taken back to work on it but for future reference I think you should have a better transition between each shot/scene/segment + a bit of a tutorial on how the puzzle thing worked? i didnt figure it out until half way.

doesn't seem to work for me unless I go through the tutorial. I might also just be stupid

very cool idea but the tutorial is .001x the rate i'd wanna go and it doesn't seem to work WITHOUT the tutorial...?

absolutely superb. I found one part difficult (the part in the last screenshot you provided, in fact :D) but overall it was a really fun game that wasn't too long and wasn't too short :)

i owe you my life

same here man

good game 69/10

this is terrifying! thank you!


W E  R E Q U I R E   E G G S   F O R    B A R T

This game is really cool but it's kinda slow.


this looks really really cute and shit but is extremely cursed because komaeda is in it