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This simple yet well made comical take on the daily struggles of a hard working monster, looking for a simple promotion, is a great game to play if you are looking for a fast paced, entrancing, pixeled power play. Great gameplay without any over use of any assets or sounds, not earbleeding (though if it is you have a volume button right?), and over all, its absolutely a game I have added to my personal collection of fav's! I played this game for hours. never gets old with the continuous challenge it presents. I Recommend This Enthralling Game!

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the boss in a video game, with heros trying desperately to get their hands on your exp. and loot drops? Well this game here is where you can play as the badguy and evade the onslaught of arrows and swords, all the while pouncing and power moving your way to victory... but wait, did i mention that you have a strict boss yourself? Yeah. and if you dont meet your quota... well... lets hope, for your sake, that you do! I Recommend this monsterous game!

A game with a bone to pick. this game has potential and I think that its a good game to pass the time! I recommend this game!

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Art is a word that can describe multiple (or a single) medium(s) put together to form a piece and/or display of feeling. A Masterpice is this interactive novel, which is made up of art + the creative collective minds of Sean, Michael, and IAN + Myrmecology (for those who dont know what that is, it is a branch of entomology studying the science of ants). this is all then placed in the setting of a sentient life style of an ant colony, and finding your own path and, in a semi-direct way, dealing with the loss of family (or friends). A beautifully created game/interactive fiction for people to enjoy and take morals from, though some may be physically absent, remebering them is how you keep them alive, and to move on, because you are still alive, and its not your fault. I recommend this interactive novel!

A well designed game with the monthly challenge as a base. I would love to see where this game goes! The color pallete in the game shows that you are well versed in Japanese culture/history, and can make distinct connections to other points of japan (the turtel and bird bosses) i didnt manage to get past that point but if there was more i can tell that it is worth playing to the end. I recommend this game!

THis game will lock you in day after day as you industrialize a planet for mineral extraction, all the while fending off waves of robots competing for the planets resources! If you are looking for a game about the Mining Industry, look no further cause you have arrived! I recommend this game of strategy!

With Scarymaze as an ancient refrence you have managed to pull off a modern mastery of maze horror! I was taken back to the time of being a 10-12 year old and jumping out of my skin in the summer at my friends house as we egged each other on to try it and getting giddy as we walked the path of the maze, anxious of the enevitable jump scare. Thats the exact feeling I got from this game. Congrats. I recommend this game!

Using pastel colours in a games environment is kind of touch and go and can have varying affects (some negative and some positive), this games pastel environment works SO well for the storyline and theme as you follow Sleepi Boi on his narcoleptic journey to find a good nights rest. A short and sweet game thats reminds us not to forget the key in strange places! I recommend this game of Art!