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u r super dumb. fnf doesn't even use the same controls. 0 iq moment

that spider bit got me scared bro

are you good at this game?

cool game

hate this game.

simple. easy. awesome.

you didn't tell me this was a horror game.


hate this game. stupid controls and things. i hate it too hard. why does it even wobble (hand).

this game is buggy as hell. pressed the notes but i missed????? stupid game i hate it.

too hard. u expect to simultaneously do j,k, and up arrow?!

bad. literally way too hard to read. 

super dope :)

hard mode. now. it's easy.

amazing game. i just love it.

too laggy

just opened the file today. for some reason, it worked

Solid Aether community · Created a new topic Virus or safe?

ngl when i tried to open this, my antivirus thinks this is a suspicious file :/ please respond

cool game

why is THE WIND UP so hard???? >:(

what specs do you need to run this game???????

why did flash had to die :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

game is broke. game sucks. everytime i retry the space gets too small.