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insanely cool concept rated!! Nice game

incredible how this was pulled off! games scary af. rated!

had a lot of fun with this game! rated!

I like this game its pretty scary/suspenseful how the story is playing out.  Still playing but great so far.

gosh i loved this one!! the controls are also very cool. !!!

Really enjoyed this one and it scared me. I see that you're going to fix the fov so not much else left to be said nice one!

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LOL no that was not intended thanks for playing and also letting me know about that.

Nice aesthetic and overall nice little game.


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Scary one. I had a bit of trouble because of the cursor not being locked so i couldnt rotate around but you put together a cool experience. Rated!

pretty cool demo!

oh i can just zoom out on the browser got it

How to scroll down?

this was a cool short game. that intro video was really cool too.

This was awesome! I loved the art and the general ideal as well as the sfx.

Loved this !! I had a lot of different emotions during it lol. 


Flat out awesome and terrifying. Left me extremely curious about the items.

am scared

gave it 4 stars what a scary game haha and this just proves that people can make good games with less too.

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before the flame pedestals there is a sign on the wall you have to interact with e then maybe backtracking to find something to stop the flame pedestals. There might be an issue with triggering it so maybe standing around the sign on the wall and hitting e will trigger.

I will take this feedback and improve it!

Thanks for the feedback its difficult its an escape room but im also a noob so theres probably a glitch somewhere lol. I think i might need more instructions but honestly i started the jam super late due to being so busy so i was rushing through this all to try and just get something out. E is to interact I dont think i mentioned that.

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This was made in less than 24 hours Im still such a noob dev haha. i was trying something new almost thinking about an intoxicated person in an escape room.

 Theres a fisheye effect and mouse smoothing that would probably explain the weird movement. Thank you for the feedback its soooo vital.


Try to run fl studio as an administrator or use the 64 bit version vice versa? One of those might work?



But i dont know how to make a small music game yet I am a seasoned music producer/Sound Designer though :/ 

say if i dont finish my game after the deadline can i still submit the game?

Hey I am going to play this but wasn't it supposed to be a web browser submission?

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Here's something I started working on approx 2 days ago for this jam.

Still working out all of the mechanics :

Fix Power-line spawn problem.

Fix  Summersalt animation while on JumpPads (Blend animations)

Fix Countdown Intro + Animation

Restrict all enemies from moving until player has passed starting Block

Certain enemies that chase you will stop at the end of ledges in frustration. (Edge Detection?)

Enemy Nukes and Rockets can destroy other enemies.(If a monster is chasing you it can be destroyed by the misses)

Working out 360 Camera Effect + Time Stop for x amount of seconds

Nighttime Music is generated when player reaches certain score along with increased difficulty

Tumbleweeds and other rolling obstacles will fall off edges.

I just entered

got it I just started oh gosh XD