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What do you do?

Crazy Tokyo ghoul game lol good stuff bro

A really weird and cryptic game, you have a future in horror and dystopian style gaming!

Ha, cute good job buddy

I'm pissed, this game pisses ,off, why? because its amazing! My god so much work put into this game for a game jam???? you deserve the 5 stars.

Had to reupload the file in order to take out something small, but thank you guys for liking it :D!

I like the little alien, hes cute and you actually feel like helping him.

What are you guys using, im using unity! Newbie programmer, but i can make a top down shooter, platformer, sort of a tower defense(all code) but im more familair with 3d

Did you guys get it now? and do you guys mine if I get the html exporter instead?

I filled out the upgrade form! and added my shipping address to the comments I already have the standard version however is it possible for me to get the html or flash version instead?

Am I supposed to fill out technical support?

Dave C you up for a team up too or nah?

Added :D!

I'm with a team up ;), i'm actually new to clickteam, I started a month or two ago, I know the basics of the basics. But im here and ready to learn more. I own the standard version if you ever want to team up just message me your contact information! Also check out my game to gauge if i'm really worthy of your time!

Hey guys I was wondering if after the jam anyone wants to team up link up or anything. Mostly to share skills that we have acquired or build a little community!