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great game, hope it gets more levels 

i hate how entertaining this was

ur closeted


It was really nice and I loved everything about it. One problem though - would be cool if you could load the game after you completed it - for the sake of the side quest :)

This is really good! It was fun and even with the element of dying it's not frustrating, which is hard to do. I hope that the creator will work more on this project and maybe release the full game someday. the only thing that needs a little more polishing is the menu and the GUI.

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The point of this game is that the ending is bad no matter what. If you try to experiment you still get beaten by your homophobic dad. That's the point, that's the message.

in the comment section of a pessimistic game about sexism and racism this is my favourite comment.

This is actually kind of good. I found the asian kid least interesting but that's ok. I liked it.

So cool :D Wish there was more.

What does streaming do

What did I just witness.

This is a fun game, I liked it and it was funny. Some ending are actually hard to get and I absolutely cannot get the author to love me ;-;

I love the download instructions

It's really buggy :/ It just stops and you can't do anything on multiple occasions. I tried playing it both on my phone and on my pc but I don't know maybe it's just the browser version having a problem. Your art is amazing an it seems interesting but I just can't play it :( Wish I could tho

I talked on the phone and played this, didn't notice how long I was playing one game. So good

This was so good!!! The gameplay was fun, the idea is cool and it fits the theme pretty well. Only issue is that (for me) it would be nicer if when picking blocks the whole square targets it to pick up - not just the item itself. It's hard to explain and I'm not doing an amazing job but I think some people will unterstand what I'm talking about or even had the same problem. That one thing doesn't stop this game from being one of the best I played this jam :D

I was devastated when my trusty pidgeon died. I DIDN'T KNOW THEY DIE PERNAMENTLY!!

So cute! I love the concept and the game really fit the game jam theme well :D

I loved this game! Kind of reminded me of Pony Island.

Uhmmm It's because windows doesn't know what developer this is from - the game isn't from the windows store or any other registered game store (origin etc.).  I swear that this isn't a virus. If you don't want to download the files you can always play web :)

Uhmmm It's because windows doesn't know what developer this is from - the game isn't from the windows store or any other registered game store (origin etc.).  I can tell that Sam's games are the first ones you downloaded from here :)

So nice and unique! I loved it


I did like it tho

THIS WAS SO FUN!!! I'd love more levels or new mechanics! This would be a great full game.

The game is really buggy, but I love the concept and it has potential. It would be way more fun if it had polish 

That does make sense, thank you!

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Ok, thank you :) Is this written anywhere? 

HOW DO YOU OPEN THIS? I just have the .rar file. Now what? I tried opening it with java but failed

DUDE I LOVED THIS!!! One thing though: (SPOILERS AHEAD) I signed the petition as Diya and I don't know what happened and what did I do. Can someone explain? (I finished the game - I'm guessing it's the gay marriage thing but I'm not sure)