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Dayum son. That is a good looking character you got there.

Through the power of love, friendship, and all things that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Basically its entirely random. Go get lucky.

On loop, the business Hog should get a weapon called the debriefer, a suitcase gun that gives the Business Hog radiation, and does high damage.

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so wait how do i enable a controller?

btw i am using a playstation controller with turbo on it :p

IDKWID means "I Don't Know What It Does", but that is a really good name for it too.

So what was the "Strange skull in the wasteland" thing?

Are you launching it from steam? Launching it from steam doesn't use the executable. I suggest you copy the nuclear throne folder and rename it to the mod, delete the nuclear throne executable, and use the ultra mod exe file instead. You can even put it in the steam library as a non steam game.

okay, then that would be really stinking hard. Maybe it could be made so it takes twice as long to level up. like make the amount of rads needed to level up be 120 on level 1

That would be HELL. Unless you mean 1-1, then that would be BORING.


YoU gEt ThEm ThRoUgH mIrAcLeS mAn,

Those portals are shortcuts that take you to an area like the area that you are in, but the color pallet is inverted. Also, there are more, more dangerous enemies in those areas. But they drop more rads. Also, they seem to have less health. Hope that helps.

The throne butt makes it so he can make no sex jokes, and disables his active entirely.

So does Boy 2 eat his weapon after every level? COOL!!!

Well, I accidentally deleted my 10.1 exe file, and Norton is being a prick in my side again. I am no longer able to play this mod unless I get the 10.1 exe file. Anyone know where to find it?

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So, I am unable to play this because Norton keeps deleting 11.1 exe file. is it possible to play it with the previous update exe file?

EDIT: Nevermind, I got it working with the 10.1 exe file.