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Good game! I love Samara's design. Also, appreciated the Evergrace music.



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I found this surprisingly engaging! I'd love to play a full version of this game. I was hoping for a showdown with Brad at the end, but I couldn't get past the dragon boss of the first (and what I presume is the only) dungeon. Is it supposed to be winnable?


Now this is some good RPG gaming. Thanks for breaking my heart.


We felt that, as part of the absurd game jam, overscoping our project with as many ideas as possible and never getting around to making them was fitting with the goals of the absurd game jam. Our screenshots are therefore all the features we wish we could put in the game, instead of what was actually in the game. Hopefully with a 250% funded kickstarter or funds embezzled from a financial institution we can realise these features when we make Spider City 2 : Masters of the Web

Thanks! And yes, giving spiders names is intentional.

Nice! Been thinking of doing some web stuff myself. Are the animations new?

GG 10/10 would play again

Nice work!

Thanks for telling us, but unfortunately we can't upload the fix until the game jam is finished.

Thank you! I appreciate the feedback.

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Get it here!

White Sun is a turn-based RPG set in a mundane world - but when the White Sun shines, a dangerous place full of monsters appears alongside our own.

After coming into contact with a powerful magic artefact, you and your student mage friend wake to find the world around you has turned white. With barely anything to protect yourselves besides your enchanted charms and makeshift weapons, you must find a safe place to rest, and somewhere to wait for the White Sun to fade away. 


  • A world of magic and monsters: Discover the secret of the mementos. And maybe learn something about yourself.
  • Strategic turn-based combat: Use every weapon, item and ability at your disposal to defeat powerful foes, and protect your allies.
  • Colourful personalities: Engage in banter with your friends. Take Bacon and Cheese pies from your neighbours.

The Demo includes the prologue and the first portion of the game. 

Running Time ~1 hour.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hey everyone! Cold Fantasy's a completely free prototype endless arena with fast-paced action combat. 

The main draw is  grappling and throwing enemies off cliffs. Cold fantasy also features three unique enemy types, and reactive soundtrackthat changes as you play.

This game was developed over the past few weeks with a team completely new to game development. We're keen to hear any feedback!