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I'm happy to hear that haha
Yeah it is infinite, the levels get longer as you progress and are generated each time you restart ^^
I should have put some way to see the difficulty (length) of the level when you start haha

I really enjoyed the art style and the overall concept is well executed. Some background music would have been a nice touch in my opinion, and maybe a scoring system ?
It was a nice moment :)

It's a nice idea but it took me a while to understand the roles of everyone in the game and to find the sticks and food. The visuals were really cool !

It's a nice game, I think you really nailed the feel; the audio was pretty good. Only thing I'd add to what other people said is that I think it could use a bit more feedback when you get your wood to the house; I had troubles understanding where my wood went at first.
Still, it's a good job !

Hi ! Thanks for letting me know ! I uploaded a new version you can try; I'm sorry I don't have a mac to test it out :/
If it doesn't work this time I'll just remove the mac build until I can find a way to make it work.
Sorry about that !

I’m really glad you had fun ! You’re right about the camera, with more time I would have made it zoom out a bit for the parts were the ice is towards it. And the black things were just rocks to break the monotony of reusing the same assets too often, I wonder how I could have made it so that it was clearer and nicer to play with

Anyways thanks for the feedback !

Thanks a lot ! I’m happy you liked it ! And weirdly I do know what you mean haha

Great game, there is a real feeling to it ! Might be a bit too hard, I can't seem to get a big pack of penguins like you did, always cap at around 6/7 but it really kept me going for a while, had a lot of fun

Nice game, really liked the music and it fits the theme in a creative manner ! I feel the game could have benefitted from the main character being a bit faster, but that could just be me haha
Good work !

Good puzzle game, nice audio, nice art, overall good job :)

The art and audio are really awesome it's pretty impressive ! I feel like there may be a bit too many downtimes in the loop though, I often find myself just waiting for my party to come back so that I can send another one. Still it's a minor feedback in an overall great short game.

Really nice twin stick defense, works really well. To be honest with more time I feel like it could become a full little mobile game. I gotta ask, did you make the music yourself and if so, what did you use ?

Glad you enjoyed it ! I hope it wasn't too hard haha. I feel like once you get the hang of them, the rest gets very easy !

Loved the art, the 2P mode is really nice, but it's really difficult to score points once both players get the hang of it !

I really liked the tone of your writing, it's a nice text based adventure

This fits the theme really well ! I have two feedback for you, the first one would be to try and stick with one resolution for your assets (some are high res and other low res making it a bit weird), and the second is that I had troubles seeing what stopped my run, so maybe a bit more visual/audio feedback would be good.
I got to 0:56 seconds on insane, that was pretty neat !

The theme is nice ! I had some troubles resetting the game though, restarting from the beginning feels a bit too punitive for this kind of game haha. The art style was cool too !

The gameplay's really nice and I like the tradeoff between movement and offense pretty nice balance.
I think the game would have benefitted a lot from more feedback be it visual or audio.
And I got 1850, beat that !