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Beautiful 💜

This is entertaining and cool ! i love it 💜

Hey 👋
Feel free to check out a mini game and a prototype on my profile

Yep yep anything that feels and looks like Metal Slug is a 10/10 in my book !

Nice ! i like it

HAHA ! this is brilliant , i love it

Thank you :3

Beautiful work !

Hey , thank you for your kind words , sadly i'm super tight on funds and i don't wanna take advantage of that fact , soi'll just wait until i get money and i'll buy the pack .
Thank you so much for the offer .

i love the art ! 
my cat just died today and i'm trying to find a cat model to immortalize her in a small game and the black model is just perfect .
i'll make sure to come back to this whenever i have money to buy it .

dude your attitude is shit just like the games you make ...

Beautiful art !
I'll give it a go once i'm free :D

My god , this was BEAUTIFUL!!! i loved it so much ! definitely the kind of game play and complexity i love and look for in small games !


Oh yes ! this is beautiful !!! i love it ❣️

Beautiful !!

Oh man i love it !!!! amazing work !

beautiful ! i'll definitely give it a go once i have some free time !

I love it !

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not everyone in the world uses a QWERTY layout ... chill

Beautiful art !

Amazing Art !

I am a man of my word !  i said i'll get it 9 months ago , now i just got it ! haha

omg this is beautiful !! <3

Beautiful Work <3 !
I'll definitely pick it up once i get some $$ in my pocket lol

Amazing work !

Just bought this badboy ! i love the style ! 

Thank you so much ! have an awesome day <3

Hello there ,
i really love your work and wanted to make my own units based on your work , i wanted to ask you if it was possible to use these models as a base and build upon them to make my own chars for my project ?

Oh man this is beautiful !!!
i'm too broke to buy this , but hopefully someday i will

Holy fried chicken ! this is beautiful !!!!!

I love it ! great work mate !

oh sweet, you got my sub ! i only worked with construct2 for the past 7 or so years , i might learn new things from you on an other platform!

lmao i love this game !!! so simple yet so hard ! keep the good work ma man