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Z's Laboratories

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looks awesome!

 am excited 🤩

thank you ^-^

thank you ^-^

thanks for the feedback! there's certainly more work to be done

great game! love the concept and the level designs, the movement gives me a bit of motion sickness though so can't imagine playing for long

really enjoyed the game!

thank you!

XD thanks for playing!

thank you!

 thank you 😊

Thank you for playing Danar! and for your valuable feedback. Easy to fall off(especially in red side) is intentional :D but yes I needed to smooth out the level better.

Seems I need to work on my design skills to better communicate to the players ..

thank you ^-^

your choices is in the path you choose and the color you turn yourself into.



 didn't add any, wanted to sleep x.x

yes XD

glad you liked it ^-^

I played football with the coins after collecting them xD

how can we play? there's no download and nothing loads in browser

شكراً للعب ^_^