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Zainab Al-Ansari

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Cute 🐟 🥰

nice concept!

fun game simple but challenging!

Please add lose condition to restart play

really fun gameplay!

Nice game!

thank you

Good game I like the variety in traps

thank you!

yea both of us we're twins xP

Very fun! Really like the concept well done 👏👏👏

Great game! Controls are a bit clumsy though would be great if you make the arrow keys fully featured (up to jump down to go down)

Great visuals and atmosphere, I liked the varied gameplay but felt them too easy

Lovely game 😊

Lovely Bahraini folk game 😄

Guys to play the game open the third link (onedrive) ,download normal mode exe, then open onedrive folder for normal mode and download the data folder there then unzip in same place as the exe

Amazing game!

Really cute! Love the concept and art


Looks good and a nice twist to pong

Great story and beautiful art, just needs some more testing with the bosses

Great level design and atmosphere, the circling jumps were too difficult couldn't pass them :(

funny xD took a bit to figure it out but was worth it!

awww 🥰

Playing tennis with giant eggs and a pan xP

Couldn't reach the top :(

That king pissed me off!

Great game xD

Good game

Good job! 👏👏👏

The most I could reach was 15 Dx

I like the gameplay!

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check your Recycle Bin if you haven't cleared it should still be there

aw :(

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I want to play but need "volcano_Data" folder that error pops when I launch, can you post link to download in comments please.

Also do zip all the files together next time

I like the maid idea :o

Love the art and concept! I can only imagine it played would be great if you do a play video

I like the graphics and the idea, also the gameplay's simplicity, wish if it were finished hope you'll complete it after jam!

One thing it wasn't obvious that I have to hold the right mouse button to be able to shoot

Great work organising we had a lot of fun

Good challenge need better controls though

Very polished impressive you did this in a jam!

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Click debris with left mouse button to clean it up, check game page for more information

That end 😂