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once the game is all done i hope there be like lore in it on how this world is come to be and all that, always like story in games with geart fun.

when will you post the music in the game and the one from the trailer as well?

the only way you can do a retro port of this game onto the ps2 is if your willing to learn how to program the WHOLE game into ASM. 

( basically Assembly language ) 

so ya that be a huge no go and that goes for MS-Dos as well unless its using windows 95 or 98 version of DOS

the only down side of godot is not as easy to use as game maker, I just wish they make a new VSL they anyone can use

man game maker 8.1 reminded me of my post-high school days when the worst thing to worry about was the encomny going to the dogs.

but man I hated then game maker become a subscription services just put a price tag for me to buy it out right!

a useful tool to cut up videos, if you do post this on steam I be happy to toss a 20 or more your way for it

wait, game maker? that would explain why the owner of the game would not update the game any more. because today version of game maker is the dumb sub payment system

wait a min.... are the hunted horror stories and the house linked to each other?

i like the idea of a cute little robot saving its human makers

can you make it where you can be nice to the pizza man? i would be nice to pizza man

i like the idea that the person you play as known in the game so far as 

The Passenger where your some kind of spirt in this world that fine a new host who is the lowest and the weakest as your ruin ride and body in fleams and fire as you take the wrecked souls on in the world

why what an asshole to steal your game, if you do port it to Steam I can toss a few bucks your way!

take your time, better make a good redux then one that crash and burn

sweet an update

would love to see this done, take your time with it, but ya when I played it it was a solid-made game. but sadly as time past more assets flippers took over steam

can you give her any kind of clothes to wear like to shoes all the way underwater and all that?

ok this need to be made into a full game where he mannage to live somewhat a healthy life outside this new hell and show up people with all there limbs that he kicked more ass then them.

i hope soon you make this a full game like lone survivor, and more story maybe her robbing a clothing store to not be in her undies all the time

make this into a full game i be happy to buy it if there was more then just 5 case maybe 20

love it and hope you make this into a full game like a big one with more story and game play