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Glad to hear it! You can follow me on Twitter for more regular updates (if you haven't already).


Yeah, I can't wait either xD

Glad you enjoyed!

Huh, I think I ran into a bug then. The letters were all piled up in the bottom left corner and the dice still showed numbers. 

And yeah, I found the name, but I goggled names with those letters and took a wild guess :D

Lovely game. Really liked the atmosphere and artstyle.

I would definitely polish this and give it a wider release.

Here are a few things I wrote down while playing:

  • When clicking the 'down' arrow it can get a little confusing that the character doesn't return to the POV it was in previously. For example, if I'm in the hallway facing the kitchen and I enter the bedroom, after I click to go back I expected to find myself in the same place, facing the same way. I didn't play a lot of MYST-style games, so maybe that's just how it works. This would've been my personal preference.
  • The hitbox for the cogs could be bigger. I tried clicking the first one and didn't pick it up. I thought it was just an art detail. Second one worked, but I had to struggle with the others a bit.
  • Not sure what the letters on the piano did after I clicked them.
  • There's an extra door in the kitchen that doesn't lead anywhere.
  • [SPOILER FOR ANYONE ELSE READING THIS] The riddle with the 'number of letters in the letter number' was VERY confusing. Had to say it out loud a few times, lol :D I would either rephrase it or find some other more interactive way of teaching the player that mechanic.


In the end I really liked all the a-ha moments when I figured out what the main puzzle was about. But for the life of me, I couldn't figure out what the wife's name was. I only found that it began with an 'S', ended with 'IA' and contained an 'H'. I had to look up names like that online to find one that suited. Not sure what I missed.

Overall awesome game. Great job!

Thanks so much for your feedback!

The difficulty you mentioned with the audio is not really intended. I've already planned for the final game to have some form of subtitles.

I tried it for this version in the form of speech bubbles, but playtesters tended to pause the recording, read the full dialogue, and unpause. I want to see if I can design around that somehow.

Oh and yeah, totally stole the Marauder's Map idea xD

Wow, that means a lot! Thanks for playing! :D

Hi all!

I started working on my first full game this year and I wanted to share a prototype.

The game is called Brugvik and it's a deduction game where the goal is to figure out who was present and who was mentioned in each recording provided (for the demo at least - will very likely change the end goal for the final game).

You can find the demo along with more info on the game page -

Hope you enjoy and don't forget to leave some feedback!

Hey, thanks for this! Glad you enjoyed!

For that one you get a code like <3 letters>-<3 numbers>-<letter><number>. Each letter represents a row, each number a column, and the final letter and number combination lets you know which row and column contains the solution. 

For example if you get INS-701-N1, N is the second letter and 1 is the third number. So you look up row 2 column 3 in the table and that gives you a solution.

Thanks for playing!

Really glad to hear you enjoyed it! Yeah, there was a lot of stuff to do to get this to work. I intended to add some visual/audio feedback after each solution to make it clearer if you failed or not. Also, give a few more hints on how the manual works. But yeah, as you mentioned, time limitations. 

I intend to do a few more game jams to get more practice in, and at some point I'm thinking of picking one of them and developing it into a full game. But that's a pretty big step so I'm considering it carefully.

Anyway, thank you for playing! 

I didn't know about Get Over It, had to look it up. Bizarre game, but I see what you mean. I tried different options for the limb controls, but the mouse dragging one seemed the best in the end. Maybe could come up with something better with more time. 

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed!

Thanks for playing! :)

Nice work! One thing I'd fix quickly is a sort of "target reservation" system to prevent multiple units from attacking the same target. Should make things less random. Keep up the good work!

Fun game! One thing I'd do is polish the interactions a little bit (especially the dragging minigame and the one with the knife). Right now they're a little buggy and this type of game should rely on the mechanics working as well as possible. Keep up the good work!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I didn't make the models either (most of them), I scouted for free assets. Also, not 100% happy with the rotation mechanic, but it's the best I could do in the given time frame. Thanks for playing!

My GF helped with the art, I'll let her know :D Thank you for playing!

Thanks for playing!

I like the idea, but the pace is a bit too chaotic and some things can become frustrating:

- some obstacles are way too big and come at you quickly, there's a very tiny chance of doing anything about it

- those enemies that attack you also deplete your ammo, rendering you unable to shoot

- the player bounces off the sides of the screen, which tends to be uncontrollable

Otherwise, I like it, especially the artwork. Keep up the good work!

The music was downloaded from the YouTube Studio (a good tip I picked up from somewhere on the internet, can't remember where).  And sure, I'll leave a comment a bit later. Thanks for playing!

Yeah, there's only so much time to iterate in a week xD. Thanks for playing!

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Hey, thanks for your feedback!

My goal was actually to make a game that makes you work a bit harder than average. A couple of problems I noticed were:

1) Maybe should have kept a "press space for more info" prompt permanently on the screen. Other people seem to have missed that in the intro screen as well.

2) Should've made it clear that the goal is to match people as well as possible, not necessarily perfectly. So, for instance if one person has one trait out of many that another one likes, that's a small win right there. Obviously, this aspect was not made clear.

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, the extra info thing was super last-minute. I realized, after I built the game, that there's a lot of stuff that might not be intuitive and threw together that menu page :D

Glad you liked it and thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! :)

Really like the idea, as well as the art and audio. One thing I'd modify are the intro text and monologue to make them shorter/skippable. The first text in particular seems to take forever to fade out and can get annoying on repeated playthroughs. Good job overall!

Yeah, I went solo. I did the peeing game XD

Also, why do you need to redo everything? Game works fine except for that jumping issue.

Yeah, it was a glitch. I'll fix it if I manage to reproduce it. Thanks for playing!

Well done! Very polished, and fun experience. And this coming from someone who cant' stand clicker games XD

Nice visuals and sound, but one small yet annoying issue with the controls. After jumping, if you release the jump key shortly before landing, the character jumps again. Keep up the good work!

Nice idea, but in levels where I could catch multiple orbs, I could reach the end with only catching one. Not sure if this was intentional. Keep up the good work!

Interesting concept that you could definitely take further. One con that I would mention is the last type of enemy, which has a 50% chance of taking damage. I don't really see randomness as being an element that works with tower defense games. Apart from that, good job!

Thanks, I'll do my best!

Yeah, I may have spent a bit too much time on polishing and not enough on gameplay. That's my personal feeling about it tbh. Thanks for the feedback!

Mission accomplished! :D

Thanks for playing!