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wait is the theme sticky or  something else and if its not sticky then what does sticky mean

maybe it should have a non microphone option

maybe the dragon should have more candy elements?

I found a glitch where if you drop the yellow curse in a yellow wall you get stuck also I think the jump is to quick and should be a little more floaty

I was using scratch before I left the jam cause I am not the best at this and am just a kid that learned most of coding on my own

good idea but I think it should have unique art assets and not Mario also maybe instead of clicking to have it move just moving with the mouse

great concept but maybe some animation and better visuals and maybe some people that have to have a mask thrown at them twice for them to get a mask and have them be red.

good concept but I have a few issues. I think the text should be pixelized and a nececity to use the spell as well as making the boss a little harder and maybe different spells. I don't know just needs some more time