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Man, this is really coming together now! Good job!

Head back to the water room, There are more platforming opportunities now that you have the ice spray!

Just head left again, your not done with that path!

...Went back to title and chose continue, went back intot he same level, and now Kotone isn't even here??? Unclear if related. can't hear anything when pressing buttons.

Alright, first bug. Died twice to the sewer boss and now the level is stuck. When it loads in, it loads it with every enemy i defeated before dead (killing more will perma-kill them too), all blocks i've broken before also broken and the chute down to the boss is covered by some sinister smiling blocks. I can hear the boss stomping around down there, but i can't get to him.

Loading another level does not fix this.

Man, posting these get me good luck, found a new place to go. That series of wall jumps to go backwards where a pain though. Any chance you can chance the command so it doesn't matter which order you press jump in? Having to jump then turn is counter-intuitive.

Right, proper stuck on stage three now. There's a blue wall, and i can't get rid of it. It's the room with lots of bats and shadow people in it and a hidden chest in the top right.

Nwmind, got it like right after i posted lol

Cool, but how do i pass stage two? Got fire and ice... now what? Door is still closed, and picking up the potion didn't do anything,..

I just fall through the floor (i think) when i press new game. Everything is blue and i can't tell if i can look around or not. Playing on windows 10

Never mind. It seems Blondey is just unavailable in the last section

if you defeat an enemy meanwhile having sex you will lose the character, they're health and stuff will only show up as error and they can not be commanded


Question! I overwrote a save, and am trying use a save from a backup... but i don't want to lose some of my newer saves. Is there a way to import 1 save file without overwriting all of them?

Trying to replay aello's scene and then exiting out breaks the practice mode. Not sure if it's a big enough problem to bother with, but hey, maybe somebody'll get confused and do the same specific song and dance as i did.

Cool! I'll try to toss this at a couple of friends, see what happens! Well, if i can get my printer to work.

Seems interesting! I'll look forward to whatever this becomes!

I haven't been in a forest proper for probably a year at least, perhaps more. Thank you for sharing these pictures.

...Oh yeah, and uh i fell into a bridge pit in the lava place, and i couldn't get out afterwards. The ladder just refused to put me on dry land after i used it, so i just dropped right back down again until i died. Other ladders i used seemed to work fine but this one had tasted blood i guess.

Glad to finally have a version of the game without slowdown that i could test out! ...Is what i would say if it didn't still have so much slowdown. I managed to make it playable by closing every single application i had and dragging the render distance way down but even then there was the occasional, small, stutter. It didn't even max out my cpu or anything, it just didn't want to play smooth.

Which is a shame! Once i jumped through all of those hoops i actually had a fun time! Well, the boss fight against the kirin was a bit weak, but at least it didn't murder the shit out of me like the pit right after that boss did... I really need to stop being cocky whenever i succeed at something with all these death pits around. Anyway, dialogues were fun, sex scenes sexy, and the art in the gallery (different for each route, very nice touch for the observant!) was gorgeous and sexy!

All in all, i will be keeping an eye on this project, but for now it is simply not something i want to pay a monthly fee for. And even if it was a one and done deal, i still would not be sure. That said, if you manage to optimize this game, personally send me an email cause that really is the only barrier between me paying for this game at the moment. I will be keeping an eye on this project for sure!

Best of luck, hatred seems to be spreading, may you weather this storm.

Oh, and in Falzly's Bloodsucking dialogue it talks about Mosqir "not giving op that easily"

In the Mox Milledew help scene in the church (i dearly hope there aren't multiple) she says that she "lot my calm", which you might want to correct at some point.

...Not my usual cup of tea, but that skip button has made me quite a lot bolder than i usually am, so thanks for that.

Oh right and teleporting made me crash. Playing on firefox on windows 10, can provide more specs if you think you need it

Goblin shopkeep dialogue is broken, it keeps saying that amber is speaking and not showing the goblin. Oh also a warning that there was some (very minor) watersports would have been nice.

Oh and i am also drowning in healing items, maybe lower the drop rate of meat? New scene was good though! Only wish there was more animation to it, but that's the devil talking. Have a nice day!

Oh, ok, thank you for clarifying!

Nice demo! Anyway to get the silver ticket in this version?

I got stuck in the amazon bossfight, lost and the prompt to return to the main menu is just not appearing