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when i run the program it plays a short bit of the intro and main screen but after some time it crashes and is suddenly gone out of the folder and i cant find it anywhere and i am playing it on the latest version of windows do you want what cpu and gpu i am using?

edit: weird that after 20 or so reinstalling and re downloading and restarting the computer that it starts working now?

been trying to download the game and when i install and play it the program crashes then deletes the program that runs the game

is this a bug or even a thing but those items floating about cant pick them up 

major balancing issues on the unit it seems its way too easy if you get extra gold

i love that there is a gun in this game

this was a wonderful game the music was wonderful the style was interesting and fun making a living world i was just really really bad at platformer games  but i did persist dying again and again but i only missed 5 music fragments  

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cant get it to work if i go into options its just a black screen if i say yes to skip the tutorial i get the newspaper opening there but frozen after a few seconds if i do tutorial it will do the cinematic but it will load forever.

so has ANYONE on windows been able to play the game?