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Thank you friend 😭

Hey friend! I've been trying to reach you via email, I don't have your address!! is very weird about this, with certain payment methods it just doesn't ask for your address and I have to email you.

Shoot me an email at with your address. I'll get you some free goodies, sorry about the long wait!

Give the people what they want! They want Hyperlinks!

Let us know how your games go! I love hearing Hotel stories :)

There will be one! Just takes me a long time to get all the ideas together :)

I think you were the first to ever review Dead Halt. Thank you very much, I appreciate the kind words :)

Beautifully laid out, horrifyingly haunting. Gave me goosebumps. Give this a try and let your players experience an extra-dimensional crisis.

I hope you have a wonderful time in the Hotel, let us know how your adventures go!

Love this game so much. You can check out a quick preview I made about the game a while ago if you want a closer look!

Hi Flaco! I bet it was one of the ones I never got a shipping address for! is very bad at that... So sorry about that. I send out emails afterwards but sometimes they get lost.

I however don't know which email is yours, if you can send me your shipping address to and I'll get it sent out!


I don’t have a perfect way to distribute PDF’s with store copies but I will happily send you a PDF to go with it like I do for all my itch copies! Shoot me an email at and we’ll get it sorted :)

They are going out this week! Thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy!!

Just a beautiful, well crafted game. It is sitting on my night stand because sometimes before bed I like to crack it open and fiddle with its cards and chits. Makes wonderful stories as well.

Thank you :,)

Great question ClydeFrog! Currently there are six free Dead Halt Adventure Arcs in the Winternet Collection, two more only avaliable on Floppy Disk, as well as a big print book of adventures (5 are contained along with a bunch of floor designs) called Happy New Year 1999 coming out very shortly.

I think you are worried that I, like most, create a game and then move onto a new one. For some reason I am stuck in the Hotel, I love it so much. There will be lots of content coming out for Dead Halt over the coming years, it will never truly be finished I don't believe.

I am planning another game at the moment, but it will be fully compatible with Dead Halt... more of a, "End Game Content" sort of thing. Even when that comes out, Dead Halt will continue, as they will stand hand in hand.

Enjoy your time in the Hotel!

This is a very good question... you have our gears turning.

Please stand by.

This kicked my liminal feels into high gear. Loved it.

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THEY ARE READY. Thank you for your patience, please enjoy.

Are you hacking my emails? Just the other day sent out an email to my co-writer "Help! We need to finish that massive Item list!"

Sorry its not up yet, we are working hard to have it up this week!

I think its pretty funny actually. Would play.

Dead Halt was originally a hack for Paranoia many years ago :) Glad you are enjoying the game!

RAD! Please enjoy, and go hop on the WinterNet download to get some adventures :)

Hi Mograg! Good question! Essentially as I was building Dead Halt I was using other adventure plot lines so that I didn't always have to make up my own. The "conversion" aspect of this is simple, as Dead Halt is quite rules light what I would always do is take the story line, maps, and creatures and use those, and as creatures don't have super lengthy stats in DH I would use their main attack quirk or whatnot as their effect agains the Crew.

Dead Halt is meant to be super easy to jump into, and how I do this is I grab an adventure book, start reading at the beginning of an interesting arc or part of the adventure, and then let it fuel my ideas as my players react. The best part of this though is that it is going to be wacky no matter what. If you run the story and dungeon of Tomb of Horrors, in DH your players might have TNT and guns and other wild tech.

Its makes for some incredibly silly and really enjoyable games, as players get incredibly creative. (I have run TOH in DH by the way... It was hilarious.) Long story short, Dead Halt is very casual and open ended. You have to have an open mind and be very creative, there arn't a lot of stats, number crunching, or anything like that, but it can lead to some wonderful stories you never expected to have.

Hope this helps!

I send them with stamps so unfortunately not, but I ship daily, so yours should be there soon!

Sure am! Got one going out today. Just reprinted too!

Probably Fight Truck. You created a game that is essentially the embodiment of the call to the void.

I think about this game a lot.

But here I am again, thinking about Fight Truck.

Golly, I want to Fight Truck.

Depends on where you live obviously, but I ship out basically next day if not same day :)

It is giving me a headache. I love it.

Calm, thoughtful, and wholly interesting. A great game to sit down with a cup of coffee and think about how things begin, fade, and are rediscovered, all in the context of giant robots. A great way to prompt the creation of a mech and give it a reason why it survived time, and what caused it to end up with you. Highly recommend.

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So glad you got to play it! Steal some old dnd modules in the mean time (I ran Keep on the Borderlands in DH, it was wonderful) but, ZineQuest 2 is in exactly one month... hint hint

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I don't know what to think. Fight Truck is short, nonsense, and dangerous. Probably illegal  ...and yet.

I want to Fight Truck? I want it more than anything.