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I see! Thanks for the feedback! I'll have to change that confusing wording. I think I meant that you'd have to greatly change the code with a deeper understanding of Javascript if you wanted to achieve that effect.

Nice debugging!

Hi, thanks for using Zonelets!

I have replaced every "posts/" in the script with the title of the folder that my chapters are in, since it said in the file that that was something you can do

Could you possibly point me to where you're reading this? This won't work by default, so I may need to rephrase anywhere I have implied this!

With the default Zonelets script as of version 1.52, you can't easily rename the posts folder without breaking the title/date parsing. This is because it looks for the date information an exact number of characters into the url string. Also, for example, the script relies on there being only one posts folder called "posts" to make the header links work. So I think those links might break if there was a single blog with posts in multiple different folders.

The neatest and most stable method to approximate what you're trying to do is, I think, to make multiple completely separate blogs. So each story has a fresh copy of the full Zonelets folder structure. Depending on how many stories you have, it might start to feel like a silly number of blogs, but I do think it would work! You could add header links to the other stories, or back to your home page on each story's blog. On my site, for instance, there is a Zonelet within a Zonelet (see the link "Puzzle Corner" in the header)

Otherwise, it might be worth looking into other options besides Zonelets or learning some Javascript to change Zonelets to suit your needs better!

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Thanks for using Zonelets! That means that there's a bug in the script preventing it from running. Viewing your site in the web browser, try right click > inspect and click on the console tab to see what kind of error messages there are. If you have some experience with coding you might be able to figure out the error! Feel free to share your site here or at and I can help you debug as well. Happy blogging!

Wow! What a beautiful adaptation of Zonelets! Really cool to see you making such great use of it, and your work in general with Indie Tsushin is awesome! Everyone should check this out:

Should be basically instant, but this depends on various webserver stuff and sometimes can be delayed. Alternatively, you may need to do a hard refresh or clear your browser's cached data!

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Figured it out! To fix this issue, please copy the following code and paste it after the existing line that reads: "let currentFilename = url.substring(url.lastIndexOf('posts/'));"

//Depending on the web server settings (Or something?), the browser url may or may not have ".html" at the end. If not, we must add it back in to match the posts array. (12-19-2022 fix)
if ( ! currentFilename.endsWith(".html") ) {
    currentFilename += ".html";

NOTE: The exact line number will vary depending on how many posts you have! Copying the comment is optional.


Zonelets posts are html files. However, as noted in the commented code above, the url in your web browser may or may not display the ".html" at the end. Without the “.html” Zonelets can’t compare properly to the links in the Posts Array, so it can’t figure out “where” the post is in the array. This is why it breaks the title/date and next/previous buttons. The commented code simply adds back in the ".html" IF it's missing.

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Hello everyone,

Sadly something has happened and now it seems that the post titles and next/previous links are not being created on all Zonelets sites. I'm very sorry to everyone using Zonelets that this is happening, and right off the bat I'm not sure what the problem is. Please let me know if you understand the issue, I'll see what I can figure out.


Sure, that's fine!

Thank you! Yes, it should work on GitHub and with any generic web hosting! Nothing in the code is Neocities specific, Neocities is suggested for beginners because it comes with free hosting and a nice editor all in one place :)

Let me know if you run into any issues!

Thank you!! Fixed!