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I have updated the game to incorporate a bunch of feedback and to fix some things. Thanks to everyone who played and commented on the original version!

I just finished the most recent version and I really like the art and the concepts. The Nativity puzzle was very interesting, but I think I might have soft locked myself. I put the manger in first and then it didn't move with a reset. I think it might be blocking my path to place other items. But this was a cute concept and I liked the puzzles. I did see a couple of spelling/grammar things, but nothing major. Great job!

I will just echo everything that SlaughtyStudios said plus I will say this had some interesting concepts and mechanics. This is also one of the only Game Jam games to actually make me chortle out loud. I did like the humor. Great job!

3D graphics are very cool, but unfortunately, I don't have a controller and I apparently can't use the keyboard controls very well. I never got past the first fire jump. But it is a very interesting and cool concept.

This game looks beautiful and there are a lot of interesting concepts and little details. Like putting the hat back on the snowman. I can tell a lot of work and effort went into this. Since I think you are updating this, I just wanted to mention that in the library, you can walk into the desk where the snow globe is. Very nice job.

Interesting concept. The game crashed for me the first time in less than a minute, but then it ran fine after. It took me a while to figure out that the images changed color based on who is talking and I think there were a few mistakes in those, but I'm not 100% sure. Lack of inventory was already mentioned, but I don't think it mattered because it doesn't seem like collecting "extra" or collecting things you didn't need made any difference. It seemed like you had to collect the ingredients for each order after getting the order and you could collect anything you wanted as long as you had the ingredients needed. I agree with everyone else about the art. I really liked it. I also liked some of the humorous messages for things you can click on. I click on everything that I can. Nice job.

Very interesting concept and this game is MASSIVE for a 20 minute Game Jam! Talking to people to learn recipes was a cool idea, but I stopped after a while because it takes a long time. And there is a lot of stuff (story background) that I didn't understand because it seems like it relates to something I am not familiar with. The amount of ingredients in the kitchen area that are identified as you walk past is incredible. This really isn't my type of game so I didn't really spend much time with the cooking. But I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into this. There are some pretty cool mechanics and concepts in this. Great job!

What a great idea for a beautiful looking game! I really liked the text box border and the little gingerbread man in place of the arrow icon! The instructions were good and the game play was simple, but still challenging. It took me a few precious seconds to figure out how to actually do the pancakes, but that was because I didn't notice where the dough was at first. I liked the mechanics and I will definitely experiment with a few of these things. Great job!

I also liked the opening maps and I really appreciated that you took the time to make a LOT of things clickable. I am one of those players who clicks on everything that I can. There were some spelling/grammar things, but not terrible. Unfortunately, I apparently suck at puzzles because I tried the first puzzle twice and couldn't do it in the time limit so the game was over. Since this is a Game Jam, it might have been better to give the player a way to continue playing to at least see the rest of the game. I did think the story was a tad dark, what with the player being killed, but that could be just me. I did like the mechanics of the first puzzle so I will watch the video by SlaughtyStudios to see what I missed. I am always looking for new mechanics to experiment with myself. For what I was able to play, I can see that you put a lot of work into this so congrats on your achievement!

Unfortunately, I stopped playing because the screen was so small (I couldn't make it larger) that I got stuck trying to find the child the last time. But thankfully SlaughtyStudios shared their video so I was able to watch the rest and see those sparkles in the well. I actually liked this story more than several others in the Game Jam. I did find the maps a bit confusing because it looked like you could exit places where you couldn't. And the lack of doors in the town was a bit odd. And I agree with the comment about the multiple text boxes with the "...". But I did like the story and other than the small screen, I didn't experience any problems.

Cute, quick little game. I liked the Santa sprite. I was also surprised to see you could jump into the game without seeing the title screen first. I didn't know that. And I like the snow on the words in the title. And I liked the simple color orb puzzle. I did experience a few odd things. Like being able to walk through some of the fences and it seems weird that the map has levels but you can just walk over them. I couldn't find a way to check inventory, but it did pop up occasionally. And it took me a while to remember that I had an item I could use (present) on the enemy that you couldn't otherwise defeat. But everything else seemed to run smoothly.

Very interesting concept and there are some mechanics I want to explore more myself. I like the custom art very much. And I will caveat this with the fact that I don't play clicker games. I was confused most of the game and the very opening scene was surprising. I very well may have missed something, but I had no idea how to do the combat. I just clicked randomly. I wasn't sure how the different characters made any difference. But again, I don't play clicker games and I was worried about taking too much time so I probably missed something totally obvious. And so I didn't really experiment that much. But again, very interesting concept and I did like the idea of conveying a story without dialog. When I wasn't confused, I sort of liked the way parts of the story were presented. I definitely saw things here that I wouldn't have thought of on my own so that was cool.

Nice idea and good job! I really liked the color and visuals of the first room. But I like very colorful stuff. And I liked the surprise story twist at the end.

Very nice and visually appealing. I really like the enemy graphics and names. I'll admit that it took me a couple of combat turns to figure out the targeting. I thought the selection boxes on the enemies were just strange and I didn't notice that the turn order was changing for the party. I didn't notice the portrait highlight changes at first. After I figured that out, it went more smoothly. But that is a me problem since I am not that familiar with RPG Maker style combat. Some interesting mechanics that I want to explore more myself. Very nice.

I'm glad SlaughtyStudios posted a video of their playing because I was having a hard time installing this game for some reason. This was the only game I saw so far that required that sort of installation. There were some interesting mechanics and puzzles in this that I will want to explore more. There were some spelling/grammar (translation?) issues, but this was interesting.

Thanks for teaching me something new!

I watched Trihan play this and then gave it a go myself. The battle system is interesting. One thing I didn't like was that once I got to the last two battles, I couldn't exit the game. Since I already saw it played, I was going to exit, but I couldn't find that option. I was in full screen mode and there wasn't even a way to X out of the window. I would have had to opt for an End Task and I didn't want to do that. For the type of player that I am where I have to stop playing at the drop of a hat, that would be a definite problem for me in a game. Besides that though, very nice.

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This game is very colorful and pretty. I really like the visuals. The controls threw me off for a bit until I checked out the key bindings. Everything played smoothly and I enjoyed it. My main comment would be that, for me, this would be hard to play in 20 minutes because it takes me longer than that to check out the characters, abilities, decide on equipping, etc. I tend to go rather slowly and methodically. But as a larger game, that wouldn't be a problem. I was also confused by the turn order. For some reason I always expect turn order to go left to right instead of right to left. But that is a me problem. Very nice game.

This is a nice, short, well implemented game. I did immediately experience a weird bug where I can't exit from the Options menu. If I click on Options, I have to close the game. I really liked the Spark spell. There are some interesting concepts in the puzzles that I want to think about more. It took me a bit to figure out the conveyor belt one. It took me a while to figure out how to activate the conveyor and then I missed what I was supposed to do a few times and ended up riding around in circles! But I did enjoy this and the visuals are very nice.

Nicely implemented and interesting concepts. Although this isn't the type of game I would normally enjoy, I did appreciate the idea of getting auto collecting and unlocking new areas. Nicely done.

Very simple and cute. I liked the visuals of the shops and I really liked the hand drawn style of the characters! Not being really familiar with the characters, I wish there had been some indicator of what presents they might like. I quickly played through 3 times to get the good ending. Just to see if there was anything different about it. A couple spelling/grammar things, but nothing major. Very nice.

This was cute and I liked some of the concepts that I will have to think more about. I had to play without sound so the ice puzzle was just trial and error. It took me quite a few tries, but I finally made it through. The sledding part didn't really require you to move much and it wasn't clear that you even had to. In fact, I purposefully ran into a snowman, thinking I would destroy it. Wrong idea. I was a little confused by the coffee puzzle, not being sure where to click first. But I figured it out. Again, some nice ideas.

I like how this shows you can do something other than the normally expected RPG Maker type game. It is an interesting concept. I will say Trihan made it look much easier than it is. Apparently, my reflexes aren't that good. I might have set a record for blowing up! But I like the concept and the implementation. There were some interesting mechanics that I will think more about. Great job!

Still working my way through the Game Jam entries. I might be doing something wrong or missing the whole point, but I tried a few times and none of the decision choices seemed like they would lead to any sort of "good",  happy, or even completely legal ending. Perhaps that was intended due to the last minute nature of the shopping. I also found a bug regarding Priscilla. When I went to try buying the car, it said I already got her a present, even though I hadn't. And after buying the car, I got text indicating I still needed something for her. I saw a couple of interesting mechanics that probably require a plugin to achieve, but it is something I want to think more about.

I watched Trihan play this and then I tried to get the A ending by NOT slapping people. Even though I wanted to. And I was successful! I like the humor too and everything played smoothly. You could win me over to pixel art with the ending sauna scene. Great job!

Very cool game and great job! Lots of little things I liked about it. Loved the click and drag mechanic because that has a lot of possibilities. The only game I was unsure about was the security puzzle, but I figured it out the second go around. Lots of cool concepts and humor. I was nice the first time and then super naughty with a -20 score. There are a bunch of things in here I definitely want to try to figure out how to do. Congrats!

Wow! I just played this after seeing the results of the Game Jam and I can see why you won! Congrats! This is a great idea that is well implemented. It was a little challenging, but not stressful to play. It played smoothly and had good humor. And the visuals were great. Thanks for sharing this and again, congrats!

DOH! Thanks for catching that! I learned a couple important things about using images. #1 Try to make sure they are all the same size or else you have to manually check each one and change the pixel designation and percent of height and width to make sure they show up where you want them to. And #2, change names of things if you have to. I reordered the pictures of the girl and neutral portraits so they would fit on the screen in a certain way and that caused problems later on when I was referencing them. I thought I caught them all, but obviously not. So again, thanks for noticing that!

Very cute game with lots of little attention to detail. I like the visuals. It took me a minute to figure out I needed to click on the Naughty List to advance the game. For some reason I just thought that was a header, which was very stupid of me.  Nice job!

Thanks for that feedback! I was surprised by your streak of Ties and then the match 3 of the Immortal Child. It was weird watching someone play the game. A lot of things need work and I noticed a couple mistakes I made. But no game breaking bugs so far so that is good. Thanks again!

Thanks for that feedback! I did consider whether it would be better to do the click through text and I probably should have so timing of the text boxes wasn't any issue. I definitely need to experiment with and learn a lot more. I also worried about the slow start. But I seem to have a problem with cutting anything after I make it. It almost killed me to delete the maps in the game that I only used for experimenting, which is silly. But I learned a lot and it was definitely an experience. And my plan is to completely redesign this as just a bunch of mini games as proofs of concepts.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Sorry that you didn't enjoy it. It started as a project to test and showcase proofs of concept. And I realize that the main concept is very different from most RPG Maker games or, more specifically, the Game Jam entries. But this is what captured my imagination and motivated me to finish something so it is what is it.

But I greatly appreciate the feedback and I will look for ways to streamline things that I might want to keep since I want to keep experimenting with creating mini games to learn more. I hope you find some Game Jam entries that you really enjoy!

And thanks for sponsoring the Game Jam. It really did motivate me to get back to learning MZ so I am very grateful.