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Awesome! The Time Fantasy series needs more love.

I would be very interested in more Omega Modern graphic packs. Even if they're small.

That's great news. Will it be released here or on your Patreon?

Any plans to make more of this style tilesets?  For Ex. seasons, more buildings, random indoor/outdoor items? 

Nice update. Glad to see I'Ceat nerfed a bit. XD

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The penguin (forgot his name) needs to be slightly nerfed in my opinion. Amazing work so far. Keep it up. Thinking about releasing this on Steam in the future? 

I did. I really enjoy the new upgrade system and fox. I am a ranged fan anyways. XD

Nice. I am buying it soon. Great work.

Very legit game. I am excited to see what you add next to this game.