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I have many favs, but If I would to say which would be my favs it would be, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 (the old one) and The Thing The Game (2002). I haven't played NFSHP2 since i was like 12 or 13 so it was quite a long time ago and I'm currently playing The Thing The Game on my Windows Vista o_o , yea I said Vista. It's weird cause it runs faster on vista than windows 10. 

Anyone got any recommended games for me. I'm trying to find some old styled shooter horror games like Doom and The Thing the game (2002). 

I know where u got the inspiration for this game. Driver:You Are The Wheelman or Driver 1. Driver 1 for PC 0_o. Anyways nice job with this. kinda hope this gets updated and goes on to become a reboot of Driver =). 

One way to describe this would be Flappy Bird on wheels. so rage inducing yet so fun.

I was just wanting to know is it possible to download a standaloone version of this game or just use the one from here on itch and use cheat engine to "hack" the game and get like infinite health and ammo or its not possible. Just wonder like to know?

This looks like a very cool game.