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Psychedelic & delicious! Great visual style and fitting sound!

Can't wait to eat that pizza... as soon as I can get to the other end. :)

Short and sweet! Reminds me of NaissanceE.

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Hey there, I can't seem to start the game as both options in the menu lead to the credits (tried the browser version).

EDIT: Managed to start it by pressing cancel in the main menu.

This worked perfectly, thank you both!

Hello there! Great game so far, however, I have trouble accessing the full UI. I'm on a 32:9 screen (bit niche, I know). Is there a way to start it in 16:9 windowed mode?

Your feedback is much appreciated! I'm constantly working on the game and reworking its parts so this is very helpful information. This pre alpha version has certainly a few issues and was meant more to get a feel for the atmosphere and a first idea about the puzzle gameplay. There have been many additions and improvements in the past months and hopefully once the proper release comes in the next weeks, it should provide for a far more polished experience. :)

Playing this on a WMR headset. Works perfectly fine for me. Nice vr clone of Receiver. I've played it numerous times by now and it's more and more fun as you get better. This has a lot of potential!

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Lovely little experience and wonderful depiction of Amsterdam!

Really enjoy the visuals and sound. I wish there was an lighter mode so it would be easier to master the controls. :)

Got some unexpected and interesting endings. Nice!

Now that is the kind of entry you rarely seen at game jams. Cute and consistent art style!

Unfortunately I got an error while playing the browser version, which I believe is related to the audio mixer.. something containing "SetValueAtTime". Cheers

Short and sweet! Nice little brain teaser. I like how the music varies for every character.

Nice minimalistic style. Is it me or are the enemies actually synced to the music? Also like the idea of having a rechargeable super power.

Nice to see another cool doodle jump 3d :)

Love the smooth controls and audio.

Nice one! Reminded me a little of those 3d sections in the Lawnmower Man game.

Hey Bogdan!

By disabled you mean when there's still energy left, you can't reactivate a platform? The only bug I know of that might cause ths is that rays don't go through the collectibles (despite using a layermask for the raycasting). I'm sure this will be fixed in the next update, as I'm currently reworking the shooting system. Thanks for playing and pointing that out :)

PS: My highest score was 3605.

New version out with a few less bugs.

I know it's a little late for an answer, but the Winnitron machine does not use tokens to my knowledge.


Thanks, that's nice to hear!

So I suppose this is a comment on most modern open world games? Brilliant.

Same here. Oddly enough, alt+tabbing out of the window also closes the game.