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Hi, glad you liked the game ! About the postcard, it is actually a collage we made from various sources during development, including Esther's head :)

Thank you :)

Actually even I don't think it's possible to get to $100,000 :)

Nice, thanks for this comment !

Yup !

Thanks !

Haha, that would be cool :) Thanks for your comment !

Thanks !

Nice one :)

Yeah, someone also reported this. You may play this game directly on my website, this problem shouldn't occur there :

Hi ! Sorry I didn't notice your post before.
Thanks a lot for this video ! :)

Hi, maybe you could try to download and unzip it directly?

Hi ! Thanks for your comment.
To gain a star, you also need to collect every note/sphere in a level, in addition to not getting hurt and avoid dashing.
Getting a star will also allow you to unlock the hardest level :)

Sorry, I accidentally enabled the "private" setting on Youtube. Thanks for noticing !

Hi everyone,
I've just released RUNRUNRUN !

As you can see, it's a fast-paced co-op arcade game, inspired by Pac-Man Championship Edition and Pix The Cat, with some stealth elements and multiple levels layouts to unlock.
Here are some other screenshots :

Have fun playing RUNRUNRUN !
Try pressing left/right. If this doesn't work (sorry !) then try using Joy2Key.

It's the first time I hear about this. The main menu should appear right after this screen, unless you have a gamepad. Could you maybe try to unplug your gamepad ?

Fantastic ! Hope it's as good as you expected when playing the demo ! Have fun !

Nice, thanks for the video, which helped me understanding why you think it's difficult to control the character.
Still, you seem to get the hang of it at level 2 :)

Yeah, seriously I think 3 buttons is a bit too much for this kind of platformer. Sonic only has 1 button.

Maybe you could remap keys, for instance D for jump and S for scroll speed instead? Or use a gamepad?

Thank you ! Well, I do charge money for this, even though you pay what you want :p